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  • Alexander Wang Handbags for the Urban Crowd

    Posted on July 16th, 2011 admin No comments

    Alexander Wang handbags have a distinct style which appeal to the modern city women and men alike. The designs of Alexander Wang handbags have a modern, contemporary feel which appeal to the young adult generation.

    The designer, who dropped out of his sophomore year from Parsons school of design, started his first ready to wear apparel line in 2007. The slouchy, urban style of his apparel and accessories and the rock and grunge influence of his lines have a distinct appeal for a select target group of customers.

    Spring collection 2011
    The spring collection of Alexander Wang handbags of 2011 have included some very cool, urban designs.

    The tote style amongst Alexander Wang handbags have a unique design, given their structured base, the golden or silver hardware and the messenger style handle straps. The Alexander Wang Large Emile Tote is an instance from the spring 2011 collection which is of this style. This amongst Alexander Wang handbags is famous for the ivory colored leather and the metal corner embellishments which give this bag a distinct look.
    Amongst other unique styles of the Alexander Wang handbags of spring 2011, the carryall handbags with belt like straps stand out the most. Then again, the satchel handbags with metal capped corners and rose-gold metal embellishments are another style in this collection. Amongst the mini handbags, the metal corner capped wristlet purses are perfect for carrying around your keys, card and phone around.

    Fall collection 2011
    If we look at Alexander Wang handbags of Fall 2011, the designs are different from that of spring collection. While the spring collection is dominant with the metal corner capped satchels and overalls, the fall collection consists of structured clutches and messenger bags in glossy, shiny leather. If you are tired of the quintessential Rocco handbag style of Alexander Wang handbags, then you can take a look at the fall collection.

    Here the Alexander Wang handbags consist of structured leather handbags in stern black leather and metal capped corners. These provide a different style while maintaining the designer’s signature features. Most of the handbags of this collection are in the form of small wristlet purses or clutches. The colors are mostly black, white or red with matching faux fur trimmings on some.

    Alexander Wang handbags are favored by the urban celebrities and starlets who love the metal studded bases and the high quality of leather used in his bags which do not need to have loud designs to proclaim themselves.

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