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  • 2011, Famous Movies Take Effect on Fashion Clothing

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    Figures in famous movies can grasp our hearts with their moved stories; fashion in movie stories can also attract our eyes. This year, designers’ artworks shown on T show stages easily remind us of many classical designs of past famous movies, if you want to follow famous movies stars, their clothes styles are samples for you.

    Harry Potter

    Harry Potter

    Whether the Harry Potter series movies can be another most important mark as Chaplin’s movies or not still remains to be expected, but, no matter Joanne Rowling’s novel or the relative series movies, the sales volume and box office income of Harry Potter are perfect. Little actors have grown up and become new models in fashion field. We believe that designers of Dior Homme are affected, so they put these strange factors into their designs.

    Alice in the Wonderland

    Alice in the Wonderland

    Being as crazy as Y-3, the new fashion dress reminds me of mad hatter of the famous movie Alice in the Wonderland, we can find many similarities, for example, his wild hair, bright colors always combine with strange styles.

    Modern Time

    Modern Time

    John Galliano spring and summer series remind us of the style of Modern Time, big gear in stage background once played important role in movies. As one of the most influential character s in movie history, his image who wearing a dome hat and full dress becomes an important representative for comedy movies, at the same time, his style is also put into the John Galliano series.



    Do you remember the movie Titanic? When the big ship born, it drew much attention, but it’s sinking made regret, one of the styles of the hero in this movie has some similarity with Billy Reid spring and summer series men’s clothing, they all express a classical and ancient feeling. In addition, latest fashion factors tell us that rolling side suit will show a leisure disposition of you.

    The classical movie The Choir Boys also steps onto spring fashion show stage once again. This movie tells us the childhood memories of the world’s famous conductor Pierre Morhange. Someone discusses that it is a movie that makes our faces covered with tears because of happiness, also it creates a new concept of French sunshine emotional movies. Designers of N. Hollywood learn from it and then make some changes, though this model has a same style with that movie, he more like a prisoner who wears a flapper and accepts a photographing, he stands in cell in good behavior and shows a freely feeling.

  • 2011 Spring Fashion Jewelry

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    There are things for you to think about if you want to be with the fashion or you want to look good in this spring. Trends of the jewelry are not constant all the time at all, so there are a lot to know in order to be with it. Let’s start with the choice of the jewelry.

    In the past, it is fashion to wear a lot of jewelry for a woman to make her look good. While the trend in the spring 2011 is different, the trend claims that the less jewelry, the more elegant the look the person is. The bulk part of this is because people want to spend less money on everyday things and use the money saved to buy other things they need. That’s make sense, if you spend too much money on the jewelry to be with the trend, you cannot afford to by the fashionable clothes to keep with the trend.

    Another thing about the trends this spring is the size of the jewelry. The experts advocate wearing the small size jewelry instead of the large one which differs from the trends before.

    The trends will be revealed in the spring and keep in mind that the season differs, the trends change. If you want to be with the fashion, you have to figure out the jewelry for the summer, Fall and Winter; if you want to look good, pay attention to the jewelry which are regarded as the fashionable trends during the time you are shopping.

  • Chopard Red Carpet Series Jewelry 2011

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    Chopard will launch Red Carpet Collection 2011 series which consist of 64 pieces of extremely rich originality works; these works will reveal the advanced excellence talents of this brand in jewelry field.

    From the beginning of the 60th Cannes international film festival, joint President and art director Caroline Scheufele of Chopard design and release series of new senior jewelry design works every year, all of these designs are supplied for famous stars, they always add elegances for these famous stars before they attending movies ceremonies.

    Through this world wide grand meeting, Chopard designs bright jewelry for stars and supplies a visual feast. The inspiration of Red Carpet Collection comes from their wearers; it will express unique dispositions of their wearers, so various styles and shapes are considered in this series.

    Both exquisitely complex style and simple elegant styles, they all express low key luxury feeling and contain active stym. No matter in form and style, this jewelry inlaid with exquisite gems and diamonds shows various changes. To incarnate the most outstanding specialized technique, Chopard, all designers together and combine its long history and experience, then develop the taste and innovation to a higher level.

    As one of regulars of this brand, Caroline Scheufele is familiar with the high-pressure situation and the great effects taken by important occasions and mediums. As a good friend to many famous stars, she deeply understand the importance for these stars, so, she tries her best to cooperate with design department, and she designs unique jewelry artworks to ensure that every star can find a suitable jewelry.

  • Top Tips for Fashionistas in Summer Fashion

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    It is a big challenge for us to keep cold in hot summer days. When you are looking for cold places, your sweats will still break into. There are many ways for us to fight against the high heat and keep your style under the bright sunshine this period.

    Many methods of making up supplies series of summer goods that will helpful not only for your face, but also make you cool. Refresh facial mist and cooling based elite fluid are two most useful makeup products for summer season; you can use them when the weather starts to be hot and goes up. Besides, there are some other series of anti-melt cosmetic products can be used for eye shadows, lipsticks and other. We should not forget that a piece of good quality waterproof mascara cream is a necessary role in your makeup bag.

    Appreciatively, this summer, long style dress comes back, but it seems that we all are trying our best to wear short in hot season. From long hot trousers to short mini skirt, and even some start to wear bikinis, it is a fairy tale that showing your skin under sunshine will keep a cool feeling; do you think it is a good way? It is a truth that you will feel hotter when your cloth is uncomfortable. Long and wide dress will prevent your body under bright sunshine and protect t your skin, I would like to wear wide and long dress in summer.

    Summer is coming, may be you are starting a worried for your wearing. Whether you are elegant is also a necessary factor you should consider, and then ask yourself, which style summer dress you like best. Getting rid of the suits, you will never have a series feeing. Just relax yourself in this summer.

  • Special Occasions, Your Girls Need Your Gifts

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    It is one of my ideas that many holidays can take every member of one family together, and then our relationship will be closer than before. So if you take presents to take part your family meeting or party will make a feeling of warm and moved, so we should not ignore to buy some presents for our family members in holidays.
    Particularly, children is in a special position in a family, your love for young members and your presents for them all will form a good relationship between young and old members of your family, also you will create an excitement for family. Even every holiday is suitable for you to send present for baby and young children.
    Following is an example for us, Easter is very lively every year, this year, a typical of children will supplied, it is a pair of 9 k golden rabbit earrings, being shine and lovely, it is suitable for those children who is up to 10 years old. Also you can give her a celebrative egg; there is also a small souvenir to keep for your family holiday. Your sweetheart daughter will be more beautiful with your gift.
    If your daughter’s birthday is coming, don’t forget to select a gift for her, bracelets for children is also very fashion and popular, also it can be treated as a outstanding present of Christenings.  Gold is a very popular and fashion in their Christening occasion, because gold, silver and another gems all are valuable materials which can be a good symbol for children’s future. Gems will never fade and can be passed from generation to another.

    Necklace for little girls also are welcomed, it is a perfect accessory to collocate with girls’ outfits. On wedding occasion of family or taking part in future important activities, necklace is still unique and elegant equipment for girls.

    Short sock for little children is also a good choice for you, especially in summer, bare elegant legs with short socks will show her beauties in every occasion, I think your girls will love it very much.

    There is much other choice for you, facing so many holidays, you should be prepare for them. Then, I will go on sharing my ideas abbot this with you.

  • 19k Gold Rings Will lead the Fashion Wedding Jewelry Trend

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    Rings made of 19k purity gold were unheard of in wedding jewelry stores for people to select or buy at one point, but thanks for the latest development and creativity, this kind of rings come out. There are just a few watch brands over the world release this 19k purity finer rings, so they are very special in recent years and then they become the prior choice for people who getting married. Do you know why 19 k purity gold ring is popular?

    How can you get a piece of 19k gold ring for your wedding or engagement party? You should make sure that you can get an official certificated cart or paper which is from the third party witness. This official document will guarantee that your 19k finger ring is not a fake or replica piece of jewelry, checking the certification is a must when you buy a piece of 19k purity gold ring, then you will avoid many sudden problems.

    It should not be ignored by you that learn the gold finger ring and K represents for carat which will make you know t its purity level of your gold jewelry, it means that you will clearly know how much gold is used in your ring. Do not misunderstand the carat; it is just the quality and weight of diamond and other valuable stones.

    Generally speaking, many wedding finger rings are 14k or 18k which support the design shapes and serviceableness. Pure gold is 24k, but usually majority of gold rings are 18k which are softer, then it is difficult to inlay any diamond for it is hard.  Diamond belongs to the world top 10 hard materials; it has a wider use in cutting jewelry and design accessories.

    Many styles of 19k gold finger rings will be offered by jewelry brands, they will supply more choices for people in designs, shapes and materials. The new trend of 19 k finger ring will be another leading model on jewelry stages.

  • How to Match Your Chromatic Gem?

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    Chromatic gem is usually valued discretion differentiates for “Precious Stones” and “semi-precious Stones”. Traditional accepted “expensive gems” include: ruby, sapphire, and emerald, cat’s eye, etc. These four gems and diamond and called “the world’s rare gem”. So call “half treasure stone” gem include: amethyst, yellow crystal, Joe palmer stone, pear-shaped, sea sapphire, garnet, olivine, etc.

    Partial white skin person
    Not suitable for: crystal powder, pear-shaped pink. Pink doesn’t highlight skin gloss, and the skin can highlight crystal powder color, which is the skin white suit color treasure.
    Suitable for: color slightly bright, brunet department of colorful treasure, such as garnet, red accents, amethyst, etc is white skin is the most appropriate.

    Yellow color person
    Not suitable for: topaz accents. Cream-colored satin band. And the skin with color of colorful treasure will make your skin appears bleak.
    Comfortable appropriate: green department and purple department color treasure will make your skin very bright and beautiful, such as olivine, amethyst, etc.

    Slant red color person
    Not suitable for: slant red or partial purple department of colorful treasure. Garnet, amethyst, red accents can make skin appear redder, and the beautiful color treasure itself will be discounted.
    Suitable for: in your skin, topaz accents. Cream-colored satin band, olivine will compare to be brighter.

    Slants dark complexion
    Not suitable for: white or pink gem, lest strong contrast, these can make your skin dark.
    Suitable for: suitable for wearing luxurious color treasure jewelry, or a straightforward style sculpture class jewelry; Also suitable topaz, tonal gem, can rise among good functions of fade your weak color of skin.

  • The Delicate Jewelry Keeps The Sring 2011

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    Women naturally love beauties, and although their closets are heaped with clothes, they always feel there is a lack of jewelry, love is no less than fashion, whether diamond and pearl, ruby or sapphire, all women’s favorite. In the 83th annual Academy Awards red carpet, each star collocate jewelry magnificently and demonstrate diamond for women, jewelry can offer powerful beauty and many brands have released their new products, the launch of new jewelry for female people relaxes outlines of new season popular trend of the jewelry, whether exaggerated, or delicate, we believe that there is always a paragraph can evoke your possessiveness

    Exaggerated for beauty

    Exaggerated jewelry is loved more and more easily, it can reflect a kind of wild atmospheric temperament, so each brand bracelets and ring design is more lenient. In addition, earrings also become the bigger beauty on the red carpet at the academy, FOREVERMARK SHERAWAT gold earrings is the best example which is chose MALLIKA.

    A perfect pair

    Miss COCO CHANEL like pearl ornament, round pearls can giving women more attractive temperament. So in CHANEL, pearl is a basic element in jewelry, of course, like CARTIER, BOUCHEROW COUTURE, the brand such as the faithful is the fan of pearls.

    Animal inspiration

    Famous jewelry brand CARTIER like to take animals as inspiration, such as famous cheetahs series is one of the classic jewelry, Chopin stylist celebrates the 150th anniversary of the brand, last year they also once designed for 150 pieces inspired by animals, senior jewelry is put into fashion tide of animal jewelry again, butterfly, small bee, dragon and lion, peacock, etc are beloved animals all are their inspiration.

    Careful cabinet

    As the saying goes, turnip and cabbage have different followers, some people like exaggerated martini, but there are quite a few people like small and delicate piece, such as Oscar NATALIE PORTMAN and UMA Thurman, Sandra Bullock and other star in attendance Oscar when the red carpet just choose the thin bracelets and necklace, and some small ear nails, etc, they all draw attentions.

    Spring brightness

    Being more and more closer to the steps of spring, all kinds of flowers in bloom, and jewelry will be inspired by flowers for designers design works, has also brought us a breath of spring. Diamonds and rubies or sapphire enchase together, constitute a flower shapes, spring will remain forever in our wrists or finger-tips.

  • Famous Female Stars And Their Jewelry

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    Women love luxury products, even actress spare no effort, famous brands they love are always very luxury, I will share with you about fashionable vane, Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker), sweet elder sister Jessica Alba, eccentric rock singer Katy Perry, they all love excessive product jewelry.

    Sarah Jessica Parker

    Stephen Russell heart shaped necklace

    Stephen Russell heart shaped necklace

    Stephen Russell heart shaped necklace
    If Sarah Kelly in the “sex and the city” loves the big necklace, Sarah Jessica Parker’s personal taste will be same luxury as same as the role she plays in the movie, this piece of costly undoubtedly Stephen Russell of antique style heart-shaped necklace was her love which is inlaid with a piece of 22 carats diamond.

    Jessica Alba

    Gemma Redux long necklace

    Gemma Redux long necklace

    Gemma Redux long necklace
    Whether take coffee to walk or attend friends’ parties, Jessica Alba will use this piece of Gemma Redux long necklace to dress up oneself of strewn at random.

    Audrina Patridge

    Jennifer Meyer gold bracelet

    Jennifer Meyer gold bracelet

    Jennifer Meyer gold bracelet
    Audrina Patridge’s love Jennifer Meyer golden bracelets collocate with her California style well. Patricia odd was photographed wearing this bracelet shopping and lunch in Hollywood.

    Vanessa Hudgens

    Melinda Maria unique finger ring

    Melinda Maria unique finger ring

    Melinda Maria unique finger ring
    It is one of the most favorite of Vanessa Hudgens, from 2008, this piece of MELINDA MARIA finger ring accompanied with her, and the designer of it then named it with her name.

    Kourtney Kardashian

    Sonya Rene pendant

    Sonya Rene pendant

    Sonya Rene pendant is engraved the name of Kourtney Kardashian’s son, so she wear it every day.

    Katy Perry

    CC SKYE "Punk princess" bracelet

    CC SKYE "Punk princess" bracelet

    CC SKYE “Punk princess” bracelet
    Whether in Los Angeles or London, the rock star Katy Perry maverick style is overwhelming.  This kind of CC SKYE “punk princess” bracelet, is collocated with her strange clothing.

    Rashida Jones

    Anita Ko 18 carats gold necklace

    Anita Ko 18 carats gold necklace

    Anita Ko 18 carats gold necklace
    Rashida Jones tells girls that diamond is our good friend, this piece of 18 carat gold necklace if her love, no matter on red carpet or on shopping, we can see it.

    Jennifer Hudson

    Bittar Alexi’s transparent bracelet

    Bittar Alexi’s transparent bracelet

    Bittar Alexi’s transparent bracelet
    Jennifer Hudson find one piece of mix-matched bracelet, and it seems to be her lucky bracelet. From the grammy awards to Las Vegas village concert, she wore it, it likes transparent resin, but sometimes it likes organic glass.

    AnnaLynne McCord

    Lia Sophia black geometry bangle

    Lia Sophia black geometry bangle

    Lia Sophia black geometry bangle
    This black geometrical figure bracelet is her big love, when she takes part in popular party or participated in h fashion activities, this piece of bracelet adds a piece of charming.

  • Jewelry Box Fashion in 2011

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    During the mid period of 13 century, jewelry boxes was fashion in old China, before this, the jewelry box was sold to global markets. It is the best tool to store and show your beloved jewelry .to keep your jewelry design available, a wooden box for jewelry can be made to put on your making –up table, also you can search many kinds of jewelry boxes from internet shops.

    Firstly, the color and design are the most important point you should considered before you want to buy a jewelry box made of wood, because this little piece of artwork can also be used to match your dressing table, once you put it on your table, it will never be a box but a adornment.

    The most fashion material for making jewelry box is hard wood which is affords by winter tress that levies are lost in new seasons. Different hardwood has different color and touch feeling, good quality hardwood sandalwood, teak and mahogany are always used to make furniture. In Far East, Teak and cedar jewelry box is popular style; we often adorn it with classical Asian symbols and marks. These wood materials have bright color.

    Other common hardwood materials also are suggested to jewelry boxes making, to celebrate the furniture style of 20th century, Colonial style is popular. Also some mini styles are followed with the mini shape becomes a new fashion trend this season.

    All these designs reflect certain elegant characteristics and fashion ideas, the old fashion style of Victorian box of jewelry is also an important and potential trend in new fashion season. All these style s boxes can be found online, there are many other designs are supplied, if you cannot select a perfect for yourself, costume jewelry box also is a good choice.