Love never fades
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  • White Rose Jewelry, A Lasting Love Feeling

    Posted on February 17th, 2011 admin 9 comments

    Breguet releases a jewelry combination which has a special connection with the elegance of the queen Marie – Antoinette. Each picture of her shows a deep love to roses and pearls, there is no adjective word can be used to describe her. Pearl, will show its bright color and sheen only when you wear in on your body.

    La rose be la reine earring

    La rose be la reine earring, is made of 18k platinum , There are 56 TW/IF-VVS diamonds which are attached on the earring, also it is designed a man made shell flower pattern in the middle of the earring. Being pure and elegant, young ladies and fair maidens will be attracted much.

    La rose de la chain

    La rose de la chain, it is made of 18 k platinum; a piece of pendant is attached in the chain. Also it is designed a special man made relieve which is marked with a beautiful shell flower pattern; also a bowknot which is set 29 TW/IF-VVS diamonds is designed.

    La rose de la reine finger ring

    La rose de la reine finger ring, material it used is the same as previous earring and chain, the different is that 96 TW/IF-VVS diamonds are attached in this finger ring, being different from common finger ring, it is a material benefit product for you, you can choose one to be a gift to your love sweet or friends.

    La rose de la reine long necklace

    La rose de la reine long necklace, 185 Akoya pearls and a piece of 18 k platinum brooch is used, also a beautiful flower pattern are designed, then a lovely but elegant bowknot which inlays 68 pieces TW/IF-VVS also attract you much.