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  • Buccellati Releases A Kind Of Lace Jewelry

    Posted on April 9th, 2011 admin No comments

    The sixteenth century, the lace began came out in Italy and Belgian textile factories appeared, and they swept across Europe from palace to folk women’s dress quickly. This graceful clothes fabric is elegant but was not lack of again sexy character which then inspired Mario who was a stuff of Buccellati Milan store, how to use soft gold create this exquisite texture? can lace skill be selected to jewelry making?

    Mario chose the technique of carving gold skills– Texture Engraving of Renaissance period, and then he started a creation to this skill. They carved gold (innovation, evolution) and created many different textures and will be added these textured carved factors to gold and silver ornaments jewelry.

    Adorning article seemed very elegant and luxuriant; it caused a sensation throughout the world. Jewelry shop colleagues were rude some times. However, no matter how hard to imitate others, they were always hard to like the “authentic” in Buccellati shop of exquisite commonly.

    Gold lace silk, pulsing the rare gem, cascades together and constitutes the mysterious light of Buccellati, also it makes the Buccellati family over two hundred years history and unique creative brand course. This brand has abundant historical origin, also is full of modern fashion creativity. The birth of gold lace becomes exquisite craft representative. Craftsman of Andrea Gianmaria is loyal to classical design, the manual patience and nimble will fine if silk threads a root or take them together, a slight mistake of the whole work will come back again.

    Use the lace textile artistry on its cutting is the main characteristics; this famous cut craft has the following kinds:

    RIGATO:A parallel line cuts the metal surface, a light effect will be taken, and this method is typically applied for cutting edge.

    TELATO:This is a precision cross stitch on textile technology practices. The left section cutting method is not so brilliant, it looks like linens.

    EGRINATO:This cutting method is low-key, but it is also very mild. Textile and clothing can be cut like overlaps in all directions.

    ORNATO:This is a complex process; it mainly shows the nature of biological shapes, animals, leaves, flowers and more. In other words, this technique to restore the most real life things is the most primitive.

    MODELLATO:This is the most sophisticated technique; the use of three-dimensional cutting method is used for cutting edge primarily.