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  • Bvlgari-Listen to the Voice of an Art City

    Posted on February 17th, 2011 admin 6 comments

    The Athens type of the classic is the highest quality of art, adding the Italy resplendence, Bvlgari jewelry is made with precision technique. Bvlgari lives between the fashion and the elegance history of jewelry, it easily remind us the Renaissance because it can represent the history and recent art of Mediterranean.
    Bvlgari is a bright name. From morning to evening, from one place to another one, it still to be a important mark of high quality, and attracts people’s eyes by its specifics.

    From the year 1884 when Roman was founded, Bvlgari conquered people’s heart by its gorgeous style. All jewelry of this famous brand gave strange feeling to each follower; luxury diamonds and gold were combined shake the hearts of the customer.

    In 1964, one piece of Bvlgari diamond necklace of the famous star Sophia Roland was stolen, though she had much valuable jewelry, she still loved this one most. In history, there were some princesses used exchanged the unique Bvlgari jewelry with manors and moved many people, don’t you want to have one piece of Bvlgari jewelry?

    These jewelries reveal the elegances and life interesting of modern lady directly. The attentions that paid for jewelry volume, linearity and symmetry all are contributed to show the subtle relationship between modern art and structure type. Great Spirit of this brand is from brave combination and valuable materials, high quality design also is an important factor.

    Roman’s gold history has past; Bvlgari recovers the art feeling of that period in a perfect way. It stores plenty memory of this art city and will change it to be a forever glory.