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  • The Pearl Queen, Lady Gaga’ s Jewelry Designer

    Posted on March 26th, 2011 admin No comments

    The designer Carola Alder was born in Calgary Canada, she learnt riding, swimming, diving and ballet in her early age, many fashion inspiration of her are from her mother and grandmother who used learnt top skill from a French clothing designer, pursuing classical and perfect in every specific becomes the soul of her designs.

    Carola Alder design

    Create the brand BUN, Carola started from December 2010 and then released the first jewelry TUTU series. 12 pieces of fine necklaces all adopted the delicate glass pearls, Swarovski crystal and Australia diamonds. She entitled every piece of her design jewelry and gave given them fresh lives and unique meaning.

    Coco learnt from the fashion queen Coco Chanel and she took pearls, crystals and made them to be an elegant little scissors, it is a commemoration of the legendary life and classical design of coco Chanel.

    Lady Godiva: more than 100 pieces of Swarovski crystal are used and a little silver horse is hanging at the tail part of the jewelry. The drop pearl becomes the best accessories in one’s bare back and takes you a sexy and noble attraction.

    From the time BUN brand releases to now, it has gain plenty praises and followed by more and more fashioners.  Its perfume also continues the luxury and elegant design concepts of jewelry, then it also praised by customers.

    Carola Alder design jewelry

    At this time, Carola designs jewelry for Lady Gaga and Lady Starlight, as a music DJ, Lady Starlight forestall to try this jewelry and she then shows a special interested mood.

    Take top quality pearls as the main material for this design, pearl is the symbol of noble, elegance and exquisite disposition. I believe that her designs will take every lady a happiness feeling.