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  • Twinkling Stars Contribute to Your Fashion Style

    Posted on March 7th, 2011 admin 3 comments

    From October 2011 on, Montblanc-4810-Mini series jewelry will increase to release four 18k golden bracelets and necklaces, exquisite heart-shape golden accessories are attached in the inner part of them and they show an elegant quality and a free feeling of youthfulness,the brilliant outward appearance and the classical hexangular stars add radiance and beauty to each other.

    The inspiration of these style jewelry is from the hexangular white stars 4810 series jewelry which is a popular member of Montblanc products. hexangular white stars represent not only the classical traditional top skill and top quality products, but also the summit mountain of europe Montblanc which is hidden in the special number 4810. the new 4810 mini series smart chains and pendants pay respect to the noble hexangalar white stars and the top moutain.
    4810 mini series bracelets and accessories are designed in fashion feeling being bright and twinkling,elegant golden strips bunch stars shape accessories together. Then a piece of 18k golden necklace is set by 3 pearl shells, simple and pretty 18k golden pendant is hang and carries a beautiful pendant which is made of pearl oyster, the color of pearl shells likes sunshine of winter from the top of mountain which in a graceful and restrained style.
    Another 18k golden bracelet which bunches 2 star-shaped golden accessories and hollowing star loops, two heart-shaped golden accessories make it more attractive, however, 18k golden hollowing star accessories attach star strips, 4 star-shaped golden accessories and 4 heart-shaped golden accessories lines orderly.
    Montblanc 4810 mini series bracelets and necklaces are designed attentively which become an important annotation to this classical brand.