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  • Fantastic BoBo, My Little Super Bears

    Posted on March 24th, 2011 admin No comments

    Qeelin announces that Fantastic BoBo series jewelry will welcome another members, a classical little bear, the design of it is very special and interesting, from DJ to little superman, it is lovely and changeable. Then another two members are BoBo Ballerina and BoBo Clown.

    Fantastic BoBo

    Wearing dancing dress, BoBo Ballerina is preparing for next luxury party; she seems to be a queen. The BoBo pendant is made of 18k platinum and matches with diamond, black jewelry and pink gems which set with a fancy skill. It is a perfect combination of fashion feeling and high technique. Bright and attractive pink ballet skirt, rare elegant brown; the BoBo Ballerina draws all eyes in the occasion.

    Fantastic BoBo

    Lively BoBo Clown is an acme perfect incarnation, fully expresses Qeelin’s exquisite master manual craft. BoBo Clown pendant with 18K meticulously set diamonds, black diamond and turns, sapphire, green garnet and ruby, of course, it is the most colorful bright dress.

    Fantastic BoBo series of other works are similarly breathtaking. Super BoBo is a little hero from people idea, it is the most suitable gift for you to send it to your beloved, and it shows her the mind: you will always guard her! While holding diamond of handbags and wearing an interesting dazing jewelry, BoBo becomes noble and charming. The Captain BoBo eyewear, iron hook hands, earrings, and skeleton pendant, this fear and dangers character and the feral temperament, make a person yearning.

    Wearing earphone and MP3, DJ BoBo seems to be a professor; a crazy party seems to be host. Being full of creative factors, Fantastic BoBo makes it more perfect. Elegant clothing of BoBo Ballerina and BoBo Clown add beauty for the whole party and is welcomed by you.

    Fantastic BoBo series of each type of work are full of luxuriant party feelings which are vigorous and gorgeous. Series excelsior meticulous clothing bearing the mind and perfect quality of Qeelin, mostly, it can reveal a unique personal charm, send and give love, Fantastic BoBo series will surely make them laugh and beloved.

    The new Fantastic BoBo pendants can be used to adorn bracelet, necklace, bracelet or happening, optional supplement. For your party, it can add a little interesting factors for your evening or dress or add some other factors for your leisure clothing, only Fantastic BoBo can send out a series of irresistible unique charming.