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  • Wings of Poetry, Butterfly of Swarovski

    Posted on March 30th, 2011 admin No comments

    This is a new series jewelry and accessory which is conceived by the creative chief inspector Nathalie Colin, it expresses a real original create and a wide art view of the nature beauty.

    wings of poetry

    wings of poetry

    Nathalie Colin indicates that the whole series design concept aims to introduce Nathalie Colin impressionism with modern style, and then it demands that the designer in this season should be an artist and paint. When the first sunshine bright our hearts, she goes out the workroom and learn inspiration from the lovely nature, all of the sense organs are awake, green trees, newborn grass, soft sunshine, flying butterflies, and the smell of fruits, she just want to express her love for nature and then makes it into the art.

    There are three main creative themes, the color shock Impressionist Rainbow, Free Butterflies draws nature beauty by punctuate technique, and Spring Collage is in attractive paints, mint green and purple all inject bright and lovely energy to this series.

    The elegant artwork of nature, the butterfly, being an elegant and exquisite morbidezza, it is a perfect represent of art free in the Wings of Poetry. Famous French paint Balthus’ daughter Harumi Klossowska de Rola accepts the invitation to create special work which combines the butterfly and flowers, fringed iris expresses the new and fresh spring and the great and magical power.

    Butterfly print is the key of the naturally theme, the design of wings was gold-plating chain and a little piece if crystal which reveals top quality and elegant classical quality of jewelry. Also the slender attractive finger ring makes this series more perfect. The outstanding attractive artwork Naia shows noble feeling with butterfly image. Fake crystal net shape necklace just like a piece of possessing natural grace wide satin, manmade pink transparent fake crystal beads butterflies are set in the two ends. Then the earring of this series is also made by manmade crystal fake beads, just like a dancing butterfly, its fashion and attraction show you a secret magic.