Love never fades
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  • Top 4 Wedding Rings From Top Brands

    Posted on April 1st, 2011 admin No comments

    Chaumet “ tu m’aimes”series wedding ring

    Born in Napoleon period and being a French imperial household jewelry brand, Chaumet still spreads noble romantic disposition of the top class family. During the past 228 years, love has kept in Chumet, different Chumet represent love moment, fresh love, in love, lingering love and hold love, in this tu m’ aims series top jewelry, a piece of gold inlaid diamonds finer ring is made of valuable gems and metals.

    It just likes a Charm temptation games, the jewelry is a piece of cobweb which braids beautiful and romantic love stories and grasp all promises of desires and loves. Being designed with perceptual and funny factors, it express the mine them of nature.

    Bvlgari bride“Corona”series wedding ring

    The design inspiration of the Corona is from the appearance of corolla and soft outline of flowers, it is a wedding symbol in Roman period, at that time, bride wearing white wedding dress, velarium flammeun and an elegant flower crown, stands on an altar.

    Platinum is treated as the metal fro paradise, its special luster, unusually bright light in sculpture and pure white color express the unique character of diamond. Corona is made of gold r platinum and designed to be a V shape outline, the inlaid diamond represents true love and lasting pure feeling.

    Harry Winston Lesotho series wedding ring

    Noble unique emerald carving skill develops the harry Winston wedding ring keynote, Unconditional Love expresses loyal and steadfast love and regretless promise of lovers and moves many sweethearts.

    Harry Winston diamond emerald crystal displays flawless and explains the loyalty of love and commitment lovers without regret. Greece ship lord Onassis used bought a big piece of diamond wedding ring.

    Omega Aqua Wave series ring

    This series sets hippocampus, classic factors of watch and Omega symbol elements into jewelry works; it is a nipuna explanation of mystery oceans, 18k gold and diamond are inlaid to the wave shape ring and pass a love promise.

  • Seeking Unique Wedding Jewelry for You

    Posted on March 31st, 2011 admin No comments

    Being more beautiful, more elegant, more fashion in wedding, you always want to leave a most valuable memory in the most important moment, wedding now should be creative, so specifics is a necessary point in selecting a jewelry.

    Diamond leads the Vintage style in fashion is spreading, Medieval and the 1920s popular ring style accepted stylist improvements to the popular stage again, enchase pear-shaped and square, heart-shaped relatively flat gem ring appeared in the bride’s hands; and medieval luxuriant was made by big drill and the stones surrounded Lord Jewelry and broken color surrounded reflected drill.

    Touch the soft nature. Many famous jewelry brand design’s inspiration comes from nature, most are fountains, drips, flowers, leaves, butterfly, etc, has become the continuous grow habit, and at the same time it keeps a not-sexy taste.

    In addition, married necklace in the “walking too bigger is exaggerated the popular trend “, big, exaggerated necklace has been more and more loved, brides tide is impressive.

    Swaying tassels also is beloved, from the beginning of this year, long pendant earrings, began popularity in the fashion circle. The most elegant tassel eardrop sways unmatched.

    Tassel feature is long; pendants can be diamond, jewelry, also can be the crystal even imitated crystal, anyhow, the longer the shining is more popular.

    Malposed adornment is popular in head jewelry. The most popular head accessory is Diamond Head wear, the gorgeous diamond tiara diamond necklace in head, unripe brightness, once appears, it catches people’s eyes. Of course, in addition to diamond beyond, crystal, imitation diamond can achieve the same effect; the key depend on your “dislocation” consciousness of jewelry wearing.

    Wedding jewelry always demand high quality and elegance, as a bride, before you select jewelry, a general concept should be formed, or you may waste money to buy a ugly one, all these accessories are supplies in many stores, you should be carefully.

  • Pearl Rings, Give You A Special Feeling In a Wedding

    Posted on March 15th, 2011 admin No comments

    The genuine pearl comes from nature and the round shape of them represents the new couples’ forever love, brides wearing genuine pearls in her wedding always has far reaching and fresh feeling.

    MIKIMOTO Dewy Eve series of 18k platinum diamond finger ring, which is made of Japanese Akoya genuine pearls and sets a big water drop shaped diamond, the noble and generous body reveals a special art lingering charm of this Art Deco which attracts people much.

    Gigantic and chubby white genuine pearls shows a elegant and classical disopistion, unique design that sets ruddyes supplies a ancient beautiful which is fit for those brides who like the vintage modren dressing styles,if I were a man, I will have a trong feeling that hungs this girl in my arm, being warm and exciting, it is so hot a design.

    Luxury big genuine pearls are surrounded by little but elegant diamonds, bright and flicker light shows the round character of the pearls which can be treated as a flower wedding jewelry.

    It is better to match pearls with gold diamond, the beauty of this will go beyond our thouht and atyay a harmonious condotion, the white pearls atcht set on the gold finger ring are nice. Gold pearls can  set off more nole feeling to brides,  it wil create another feeling.

    Every piece of genuine pearl in the world is unique one, and they are elegant as same as its wearers, wedding pearl rings are always full of lingering charm. I am eager to wear wedding pearl finger rings.

  • Fashion Bride’s Love, Blonder Jewelry

    Posted on February 25th, 2011 admin 29 comments

    In a wedding, jewelry that bride wear should be appropriate in number, jewelry is used for promote disposition of bride. Folowing are 4 pieces accessories whch are luxury but simnple in design, they will help to build a bright bride in your wedding day.

    Van Cleef &Arpels Jewelry Wristband

    Van Cleef &Arpels jewelry wristband

    In this fresh spring, Van Cleef& Arpels treates nature as a resorce to create a new series high quqlity jewelry, to catch the nature beauty and chageable character and to act a free and jazzy romantic charm. This serie jewelry wristband vividly expresses that a flying bird is arrounded by nature’s love. When a bride wear this artwork, she will feel that it seems her brideroom is staying around her.

    Tiffany Elopichthys Bambusa Diamond Ring


    Tiffany challenge your imagination of luxury bride jewelry, yellow jewelry with perfect cutting skill supplys a unique beauty grand banquet. Four position are set constantly, the insparite is from the shapr of forever love, four hands  surround each piece of diamond which measn loves of east, west noth and south individualy. Elopichthys bambusa has magic power that once a bride wear this piece accessory, she will be full of luxurious and happiness.

    Mikimoto Pearl and Diamond Earring

    Mikimoto pearl and Diamond Earring

    MIKIMOTO designers use their abundant imagination, breaking the traditional design and style; they get favors from secret power of nature, white pearl pistils, bright pink pearl earrings, they all seem to whisper the elegance and grace which will be the most flashing and attractive star in a wedding.

    Piaget Golden Jewelry Watch

    Piaget Golden Jewelry Watch

    Many brides like to wear golden jewelry but designs of those always look old. Watch always be treated not only a time tool but a accessory, this style watch combines gold and watch, yellow and mulberry color show a noble feeling  and disposition, it will be an unprecedented product which connects elegance and fashion factors into one body, so brides may love it.

  • Which Style of Diamond Ring Fit U?

    Posted on January 24th, 2011 admin 2 comments

    Preparing for wedding, one should buy some valuable jewelry, wedding diamond ring is one most important present for bride, however, not every bride has a pair of perfect hands to wear ring. Do you know how to solve this problem? I will tell you a good way. According to your own hand model follow the principle effectively, and then luxury diamond ring will fit you perfectly.

    Slender beautiful hand

    Slender hand can wear every style of diamond and perform perfectly, if a big piece diamond attached on your ring, your finger will seem plump, if it is a thin ring with single diamond, beautiful and refined feeling will appear in your hand.

    Thick short hand

    This type of hand should be pulled in vision, so it is not fit for the rings with complicated ornaments. You can choose a succinct diamond ring; single diamond is the best one for you, if it is possible, you can select a piece of diamond within 50-70 points.

    Six-claws inlay keep spread over the world, it can serve as a folio to female’s hand, and the most important thing is that it is very secure. If you change this style a little, different effects will be felt. If you want to be low-pitched, all claws can be smaller, if you love to be great-hearted, you can choose a bigger one.

    Petit hand

    Diamond for this kind of hand should not be big, single diamond ring is best, briefness, fresh, elegances and beautiful will turn up suddenly.

    A Snow- claw also is a nice style which can sett off diamond by contrast easily, if your want the diamond to be seen bigger, this style is good.

    Bulky hand

    Wide-line diamond ring is produced for that person, who has bulky hand, Bold and unconstrained, but not being lack of dedication.

    Those suggestions can be followed if you feel they are useful

  • Top 10 Engagement Ring Of Tiffany

    Posted on January 21st, 2011 admin 12 comments

    Engagement is a one of most important experience, and in the engagement pert, the rings for boy and girl are necessary, diamond represent forever love, but do you know what are the most beautiful rings for engagement?

    I will list top ten engagement diamond rings for you.

    1、Jean Schlumberger diamond ring

    Jean Schlumberger is top jewelry designer in the world; some Medias comment his that this famous designer has immoral imagination and creative ability, his jewelry artworks ca lead you to climb the top position of jewelry design and have a test of a kind of admiration beauties. This style ring was designed by him.

    2、Quadrate diamond ring

    This style of big diamond ring diffuse a feeling of restoring ancient way, the middle of the ring is a piece of big diamond which has be handled may times, and attaching many pieces of small diamonds, this style can recover a memory of the ring of Edward VII.

    3、Tiffany Setting diamond ring

    When selecting engagement rings, some people do not like the classical style jewelry, then, you can choose this one, in the middle of six prong settings is a fancy diamond, beautiful and elegant.

    4、Emerald meditate platinum diamond ring

    This emerald meditate platinum diamond ring is an important member of the setting series of Tiffany, the work of the diamond is very meticulous, there is a finger ring made of platinum. Be simple but decent.

    5、Emerald meditate pondering diamond ring

    This is also elaborated artwork of tiffany, just as its name, the designer spend much time and energy in this ring, all the edges can reflect beautiful lights especially at the night.
    6、Elliptic engagement diamond ring
    Another porcelain design for beautiful girl, who will feel as a princess of fairytales, exquisite and perfection are most important characters.

    7、Ternate-diamond ring

    If you are favorites in diamond jewelry, this style will be the best choice for you, these three pieces of diamond have a particular attractive power, and you will be the bright part in your engagement party.

    8、Lucida diamond ring

    Modern word promotes fashion, simplicity and high grade in jewelry accessories, this Lucida diamond ring is a typical model which is brief and vogue.

    9、Star diamond ring

    Many small stars are attached in this diamond ring directly, platinum finger ring give an outstanding felling when you wear it in your engagement occasion.

    10、Pyriform diamond ring

    This style break with the tradition, a pear-like shape is out of the ordinary, girl who wears it seems more slender.

  • Wedding Jewelry, Keep Your Love Forever

    Posted on January 20th, 2011 admin 1 comment

    Jewelry always plays an irreplaceable role when it appeared in every wedding occasion, it represents a special meaning for new couples, love last forever, its mystery wishes. Wedding jewelry often take you much time to choose or custom made style for they need to meet their wedding style or life style.

    Once a couple enters a shop to select wedding jewelry, they always engaged wedding rings prior, and then they will start to find a team of wedding band.

    Usually, the couples like to choose wedding band in her or his style, female like the band members wear clothing match her jewelry colors or design, or order them to wear rings in the same finger with hers.

    Golden color jewelry for brand members is a continued tradition in wedding occasions. But in recent years, platina jewelry is loved by the bride for they look perfect in its appearance and the pure quality. It will be another feeling.

    Once diamonds can be chosen, brides will choose to keep the wedding band in beautiful state which attaches diamond in every musician, they all hope the love will keep forever.

    But rings are not the unique wedding jewelry, though others small accessories are not have symbolic meaning, they cannot be lack of in the wedding occasions for new couple, so don’t forget them. The ring for bride who wear the dress always without braces demand to match with the bride’s shoulders and collarbone perfectly, then you look at the bride wear gem pearls and diamonds, it become a beautiful picture, then you will understand the function of jewelry.

    Then some elegant pendants or some little decorated pins are adorned in the bride’s hair. Also, jewelry can be treat as a kind of present in fro wedding occasion, Beads or small diamonds accessories for maid of honor at weeding and sleeve button for the groomsmen are a nice way to take all the participants into a jewelry exhibition.

    Then, jewelry show different social class in every wedding occasion, this is another role that jewelry plays ,you can start your jewelry journey from our blog.