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  • Fashion Bride’s Love, Blonder Jewelry

    Posted on February 25th, 2011 admin 29 comments

    In a wedding, jewelry that bride wear should be appropriate in number, jewelry is used for promote disposition of bride. Folowing are 4 pieces accessories whch are luxury but simnple in design, they will help to build a bright bride in your wedding day.

    Van Cleef &Arpels Jewelry Wristband

    Van Cleef &Arpels jewelry wristband

    In this fresh spring, Van Cleef& Arpels treates nature as a resorce to create a new series high quqlity jewelry, to catch the nature beauty and chageable character and to act a free and jazzy romantic charm. This serie jewelry wristband vividly expresses that a flying bird is arrounded by nature’s love. When a bride wear this artwork, she will feel that it seems her brideroom is staying around her.

    Tiffany Elopichthys Bambusa Diamond Ring


    Tiffany challenge your imagination of luxury bride jewelry, yellow jewelry with perfect cutting skill supplys a unique beauty grand banquet. Four position are set constantly, the insparite is from the shapr of forever love, four hands  surround each piece of diamond which measn loves of east, west noth and south individualy. Elopichthys bambusa has magic power that once a bride wear this piece accessory, she will be full of luxurious and happiness.

    Mikimoto Pearl and Diamond Earring

    Mikimoto pearl and Diamond Earring

    MIKIMOTO designers use their abundant imagination, breaking the traditional design and style; they get favors from secret power of nature, white pearl pistils, bright pink pearl earrings, they all seem to whisper the elegance and grace which will be the most flashing and attractive star in a wedding.

    Piaget Golden Jewelry Watch

    Piaget Golden Jewelry Watch

    Many brides like to wear golden jewelry but designs of those always look old. Watch always be treated not only a time tool but a accessory, this style watch combines gold and watch, yellow and mulberry color show a noble feeling  and disposition, it will be an unprecedented product which connects elegance and fashion factors into one body, so brides may love it.


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