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  • Gucci Silk Scarves – The Beautiful Collection of Silk Scarves

    Posted on August 25th, 2011 admin No comments

    Guccio Gucci started a company in his native Florence in 1921. Gucci is one of the most famous brands in the world. Silk is a friendly material that gives the scarf a good texture, smooth and delightful. There are different kinds of silk scarves available in the market, varying from sizes, shapes, colours and print but Gucci silk scarf definitely gives you good style and comfortable. Gucci brand is now popular and largest fashion groups in Italy.

    Gucci silk scarves for men
    There are various scarves available for men such as wool scarf, cashmere scarves and silk scarves. Some of the Gucci silk scarves available for men are,
    • Narrow Pin dot silk scarf
    • Skinny Polka dot silk scarf
    Gucci silk scarves are handmade with 100% pure silk and beautiful designs in Italy. The scarves are finished with the decorative border of hanging threads. Man’s cloth will not be fully completed without this silk scarf. These silk scarves increase your personality.

    Gucci silk scarves for women
    Yan can wear Gucci silk scarves in different ways such as neck scarf, head scarf or tied around your bag. There are different types of silk scarves available for women some of them are,
    • Gucci silk Twill DNA-Print scarf
    • Gucci silk/wool hounds tooth
    • Gucci GG Pattern Scarf
    • Gucci silk scarf chain GG

    Celebrities wearing Gucci scarves
    Celebrities started wearing Gucci scarves because of its extraordinary style, classic shape and color. Here are some of the top stars names wearing Gucci silk scarves,
    • Olivia Wild
    • Florence Welch
    The list continues…

    Tips to care Gucci silk scarves
    Here are some useful tips to care your silk scarves,
    • Keep your scarves away from washing liquids that contain alcohol or even chlorine
    • Use fabric laundry detergent which is non-alkaline
    • Do not expose scarf in direct sunlight
    • Learn the right way to iron them
    • Wash the scarves just before storing
    Silk scarves need to be taken care so that it will continue for long time and look great even after years.

    People can select Gucci silk scarves because they are designed by an expert and it is made with finest silk and can be worn for any occasion. You can wear it as scarf, shawl or even wrap to any formal event such as wedding, business dinner, etc…

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