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  • How to Choose a Platinum Bracelet

    Posted on February 19th, 2011 admin 11 comments

    It will be a beautiful picture of a soft wrist matches a white platinum bracelet, but, do you know which one platinum bracelet fits your wrist best. I used learnt some common sense of fashion matching, so I will share my ideas of Platinum bracelet which match to four type of wrists.

    1.  If your wrist is slender and skeleton is not very obvious, each deign and theme platinum bracelet can be worn for your wrist is the most perfect type.

    2.  If your wrist is slender but your skeleton is obviously to see, you are appropriate for two pieces of basic chains to create a soft feeling of your wrist.

    3.  If your wrist is plump and your skeleton is not obviously to see, wider shape design bracelets or theme chains are perfect for you, they will show your elegance and taste.

    4.  If your wrist is plump but the skeleton is obvious, you should wear some individuated bracelets or some customized, people who see you will pay more attention to the bracelet than your wrist.

    Then, some problems for selecting a platinum bracelet should be aware of.

    Materials that use for making bracelets are in great number, every kind of material have their special shine and quality. We should choose material based of own need. Generally, golden, plenum and silver bracelets are easily to match different clothes.

    Determining the quality is the basic and important step when you want to buy one. Firstly, you should see whether it is a whole design such as round level and symmetry; second, the structure and technique should be checked, whether the bracelet surface is bright and clean or not, patterns, reflection, pearl’s color shape and quality all should be learn carefully.


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