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  • Replica Vacheron Constantin Watches Greet Monkey Year

    Posted on January 7th, 2016 admin No comments

    12 Chinese zodiac has been the China’s cultural symbol. It represents 12 animals while the year of 2016 is the Monkey year. Nowadays, cultures of all countries have been integrating and becoming one. No matter where we are, we can always spot foreign cultures which are combined. Of course, replica Vacheron Constantin watches blend the cultural elements of Chinese zodiac and greet Monkey year in their own way. From these timepieces, what you will see is the cultures of both Vacheron Constantin and the Monkey year.
    Rose gold has been a precious metal which is regarded as luxury and elegance. To highlight their grace, replica Vacheron Constantin watches apply to rose gold as the material for watch cases. Inside the 18k rose gold watch case, there equips with L.U.C 96.17L extrathin movement. The most stunning thing is that the thickness of this movement is only 3.30mm. In order to greet the Monkey year, these replica Vacheron Constantin watches unite paper cut art and enamel craftsmanship together. In terms of paper cut art, Vacheron Constantin has built up its friendship with China since 1845. As a matter of fact, Chinese paper cut art and Swiss Scherenschnitt are different in approach but equally satisfactory in result. So paper cut art becomes the spotlight in replica Vacheron Constantin watches. While looking at the dial, you will see that the leaf patterns actually originate from classic Chinese patterns. All of them are directly engraved on the golden dials. In terms of Swiss feature, Grand feu enamel is the important part. From these replica Vacheron Constantin watches, we will find that Grand feu enamel enables to endow luxury and grace with these timepieces. In the center of the dial, a golden monkey is sitting there which sends the best wishes to you in Monkey year.

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