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  • Chopard Red Carpet Series Jewelry 2011

    Posted on April 23rd, 2011 admin No comments

    Chopard will launch Red Carpet Collection 2011 series which consist of 64 pieces of extremely rich originality works; these works will reveal the advanced excellence talents of this brand in jewelry field.

    From the beginning of the 60th Cannes international film festival, joint President and art director Caroline Scheufele of Chopard design and release series of new senior jewelry design works every year, all of these designs are supplied for famous stars, they always add elegances for these famous stars before they attending movies ceremonies.

    Through this world wide grand meeting, Chopard designs bright jewelry for stars and supplies a visual feast. The inspiration of Red Carpet Collection comes from their wearers; it will express unique dispositions of their wearers, so various styles and shapes are considered in this series.

    Both exquisitely complex style and simple elegant styles, they all express low key luxury feeling and contain active stym. No matter in form and style, this jewelry inlaid with exquisite gems and diamonds shows various changes. To incarnate the most outstanding specialized technique, Chopard, all designers together and combine its long history and experience, then develop the taste and innovation to a higher level.

    As one of regulars of this brand, Caroline Scheufele is familiar with the high-pressure situation and the great effects taken by important occasions and mediums. As a good friend to many famous stars, she deeply understand the importance for these stars, so, she tries her best to cooperate with design department, and she designs unique jewelry artworks to ensure that every star can find a suitable jewelry.