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  • How to Clean Your Platinum Accessories?

    Posted on February 19th, 2011 admin 2 comments

    Platinum was used for decoration by early Ancient Egypt people and Incas, in modern times, it to be the preferred material to be set in diamond with exquisite skills. This contributed to the excellent achievement in the adornment art in 20s last century. Recent years, the elegant quality attracts more and more new generation customers. But do you know how to protect your platinum accessories?

    Following are some basic ideas of protect and clean plat num jewelry.

    1.  Putting your platinum accessories into the individual soft bag in your jewelry box.

    2.  Taking down your platinum jewelry or accessories when you want to do something by hand.

    3.  You should not touch any bleachers or other irritant chemicals when you are wearing the platinum jewelry. Though there is little damage to your platinum goods, the color of your jewelry will may fades because of the chemicals.

    4.  Cleaning your platinum goods as same as other valuable jewelry at regular intervals. You should use specialized cleaning tools or put them into temperate soap water and then wipe them with soft cloth gently.

    5.   Take your lovely goods to professional shop to clean them in a certain internal. You should guarantee that your platinum jewelry which set diamonds be cleaned 6 months a time.

    If you protect them in a scientific method, your jewelry will need no more repairs. When you want your jewelry to be adjusted such as shape, clean and polishing, some professional jewelry shops are your best choices.

  • Costume Jewelry, Benefit You Much

    Posted on January 20th, 2011 admin No comments

    Have you ever feel upset when you want to by beautiful jewelry but have no money? Costume accessories is an alright method to wear most fashion jewelry but spent less of your money. They can change you a lot when you wear them which including earrings, bracelets, rings and so on which can meet you’re the love of beauty.

    Especially the rings, will lead you to gain your confidence in beauty, they can also helpful for your creation inspiration and individuality. Several kinds of methods can be learnt to create different style of rings, then you also can be s designer. From neutral color to neon lights colors, they can be show brave characters; also can be melting feelings, but those all can be felt by us, many rings related some certain themes which can be elegant or foolish, or have they mixed.

    Then, many uncanny inspiration contribute to the designers in the process of making rings such as nature mysterious shapes, some other designers are take the ancient style to make, Art decorate usually looks fashion and some of them emerge special feeling when they are worn by those who has long and beautiful neck..

    Droplight can also offer some inspirations in female dressing, they can look as the style as old as Victorian period fashion, also can be a ancient Indian design, even the small pieces which decorated with some pearls, for example, the rings made by native American races are often look as a recover of nation mixers which show their character in every fashion clothing or jewelry.

    There are widely workshop and high quality workers and materials for making accessories, there is a meaning of costume jewelry, all the pieces are not made from expensive pearls or diamond but some mixture materials such as glass, plastomer or some stones, they can instead the expensive crystal, but have the same appearance with crystal, the design and the skills can be same or even better than the jewelry. But the most important thing is you must buy all the materials to supply for production.

    You also can be a member of the costume jewelry team.

    The costume jewelry can be fashion or traditional in time, rings can be treated as a recorder of the history which store full of story. Hundred years have passed, woman like to wear small accessories for their little children to mark them. Costume accessories are so benefits for those ordinary people who want to follow the fashion trend.