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  • Amethystine Jewelry, Why Do People Love It?

    Posted on March 14th, 2011 admin No comments

    If you want to buy a piece of amethystine ring, then you should get some suggestions from your friends or sweetheart who may has a better knowledge of jewelry. Amethystine is treated as a outstanding and noble color among theses colors, so, there is no doubt that you will be a fashion and elegant model.

    For a further fashion, amethystine will be the top jewelry among all other valuable gems field and it used to be set on a throne or a crown of noble class.
    The famous Moses says that it is an important symbol of the god spirit.
    Its name is from the Great word amethystos which mean no intoxicated. And the amethystine is treated as the birth symbol of those who was born at the end of February in calendar month. During the centuries, many ideas and believes were came out based on this special stone. Someone said that amethystine can protect you from dangerous and evils.

    Gentle man always thinks that this magic stone can cleans your daily dressing and wearing. Furthermore, the other one important point of it is that the amethystine represent a strong friendship. So a amethystine jewelry product is not only a beauty accessory but also a meaningful.

    When you select an amethystine jewelry, some common sense should be known and you should better go with your friends or some expert, or some fake products will be cheat you, next time I will share some basic knowledge of how to distinguish jewelry. You are welcomed.