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  • To Touch History–An Old Style of Jewelry

    Posted on January 17th, 2011 admin No comments

    The on-going ornamented with pearls, little metal traces and fluorites of this chain is representative for the skill of Eugene Fontana. A little accessory of very alike devising is clarified in French Jewelry of the 19 Century, Henri Verve, interpreted by Katherine Purcell. And a piece of same chain added to match earrings were sold at Sotheby’s for $52,000.

    Eugene Fontana was a most significant gold merchant in France throughout the last half of the 19century. He was a great follower of the ancient art of granulation and purl decorations, and this reason is well identified for his superior art in the ‘archaeological’ method. There was no doubt for Fontana who was inspired by the Campania gathering of old style jewelry, gained  by Napoleon III in 1860, and his company manufactured plenty work in the traditional style based on Greek, Roman and Etruscan models.

    Eugene Fontana, the son of gold merchant Prosper Fontana, constructed his own enterprise on the road Favart, Paris, in 1847. By the end of 1850s he accomplished his wok and got a significant victory peaked in the carrying out of a headwear for the Empress Eugenie in 1858. But it is his service of the 1860s for which he is the best famous. Then named the “archaeological style,” Fontana’s artworks were affected by old Greek, Roman, and Etruscan models, and were surely encouraged by the entrance in Paris of the Campania gathering, old style jewelry was bought by Napoleon III. Beside, wonderful gold artwork, Fontana cooperated with the porcelain glaze worker Eugene Richet on a battery of jewelry included sleeked plaques which in employment in an old aged subject and an ancient manner. He was sent a gold honor at the 1867 Paris World Exhibition for his artwork in this manner, and calculated from his several works which were used entrusted by the governor of Egypt nation, the Iran king of Persia and the leader of Siam.

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