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  • Little Gifts For You

    Posted on March 12th, 2011 admin No comments

    The translucent crystal seems so lovely and elegant because of its colors, a secret feeling push our great imagination and take our hearts to another unknown place.

    An amethyst necklace Stroili Oro, an amethyst diamond crystal finger ring Folli Follie, a colorful crystal necklace all from Acatha and a piece of rose gold amethyst finger ring.

    There is no other element can be compared with these animal factors which take great fashion effect by simple design and pass a positive attitude and free pirate by various status.

    A little bear-shaped brooch Grosse, a butterfly shaped earring Folli Follie, a beetle finger ring Stroili Oro, a little horse shaped accessory Thomas Sabo, a dragonfly shaped brooch, a dog shaped bracelet Agatha and a wall gecko shaped hair band Agnes.

    Stars prints that recover our childhood memory make us pleasant, glaring light is very clear and pure which adds numerals romantic feelings.

    A star shaped pendant watch Agatha, a snow shaped necklace and an earring Swarovski, a transparent star shaped necklace, a hollowing shaped slender wristband all from Agatha and a piece of crystal star shaped finger ring from Folli Follie.

    The round shaped body and outstanding disposition is the inherent noble characteristic of debutantes who has a low key status but show another different magnificent feeling, these jewelry gifts also have this style characters.

    A fake pearls drop earring, a white and black pearl necklace, a fake pearl finger ring all from Agatha, a piece of fake pearl necklace from Stroili Oro, a black and white pearl finger ring from Grosse and a fake pearl petal shaped earring from Stroili Oro.