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  • The Delicate Jewelry Keeps The Sring 2011

    Posted on April 20th, 2011 admin No comments

    Women naturally love beauties, and although their closets are heaped with clothes, they always feel there is a lack of jewelry, love is no less than fashion, whether diamond and pearl, ruby or sapphire, all women’s favorite. In the 83th annual Academy Awards red carpet, each star collocate jewelry magnificently and demonstrate diamond for women, jewelry can offer powerful beauty and many brands have released their new products, the launch of new jewelry for female people relaxes outlines of new season popular trend of the jewelry, whether exaggerated, or delicate, we believe that there is always a paragraph can evoke your possessiveness

    Exaggerated for beauty

    Exaggerated jewelry is loved more and more easily, it can reflect a kind of wild atmospheric temperament, so each brand bracelets and ring design is more lenient. In addition, earrings also become the bigger beauty on the red carpet at the academy, FOREVERMARK SHERAWAT gold earrings is the best example which is chose MALLIKA.

    A perfect pair

    Miss COCO CHANEL like pearl ornament, round pearls can giving women more attractive temperament. So in CHANEL, pearl is a basic element in jewelry, of course, like CARTIER, BOUCHEROW COUTURE, the brand such as the faithful is the fan of pearls.

    Animal inspiration

    Famous jewelry brand CARTIER like to take animals as inspiration, such as famous cheetahs series is one of the classic jewelry, Chopin stylist celebrates the 150th anniversary of the brand, last year they also once designed for 150 pieces inspired by animals, senior jewelry is put into fashion tide of animal jewelry again, butterfly, small bee, dragon and lion, peacock, etc are beloved animals all are their inspiration.

    Careful cabinet

    As the saying goes, turnip and cabbage have different followers, some people like exaggerated martini, but there are quite a few people like small and delicate piece, such as Oscar NATALIE PORTMAN and UMA Thurman, Sandra Bullock and other star in attendance Oscar when the red carpet just choose the thin bracelets and necklace, and some small ear nails, etc, they all draw attentions.

    Spring brightness

    Being more and more closer to the steps of spring, all kinds of flowers in bloom, and jewelry will be inspired by flowers for designers design works, has also brought us a breath of spring. Diamonds and rubies or sapphire enchase together, constitute a flower shapes, spring will remain forever in our wrists or finger-tips.