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  • Chopin Animal Series Of Jewellies’ Perfection

    Posted on January 14th, 2011 admin 1 comment

    To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the brand, Chopin created the high-quality jewelry series works by 150 pieces of animals mark as the themes o. Luxuriant; mysterious animal jewelry series works led us into to a new stage. This series witness the Chopin in senior professional skills of gem domain, which shows the brand from starting to success of the path

    Platinum “gecko” bracelet

    Has diamonds (13 carats), brown diamond (15 carats), fancy cutting diamonds and orange yellow diamond (29 carats), sapphire (41 carats) and Pola in Ba Pear-shaped (85 carats).

    The swallow ring

    Platinum is qualitative, enchase a planet was unique long stepped-weir cut diamond (weighs 10 carat); white diamond (weighs 2 carats).

    Puma accessories

    Platinum/gold material, enchase have yellow diamond (of heavy 24-karat), black diamond (totally weight 9 carats), brown diamond (weighs 2 carats altogether), orange circular cut diamond (14 carats total weight), brown circular cut diamond (11 carats total weight), white round cutting diamonds, orange radiant cutting diamonds (total weight 5 carats), yellow pear-shaped cutting diamonds (totally weight 9 carats), grey convex form moonstone (of heavy 112 carats), yellow little ball shape cutting diamonds (altogether weighs 30 carats), garnet and opals (of heavy 130 carats).

    Grasshopper ring

    18 carat platinum material, enchase a white diamond, yellow diamond, brown diamond, cui stone deep red gem, garnet (of heavy 3.81 carats), 2 star brown convex form electrical stone, 1 star colorful rejects the oval red Bess (of heavy 66 carats).

    Crab bracelet

    Platinum/titanium material, enchase a white diamond, yellow diamond, black diamond (8 carats totally weight), yellow, blue sapphire, ruby and a single gray round pearl (heavy 32 carats).

    The frog necklace

    Platinum is qualitative, enchase a white diamond, pink diamond (altogether weighs 2 carats), brown diamond, pola in ba electrical stone, pear-shaped cutting diamonds (altogether weighs three carats), pear-shaped rose cutting electrical stone (23) carat total weight), convex form sea sapphire (altogether heavy 21 carats), sea sapphire (altogether weighs three carats), electrical stone and pink sapphires, convex form pale blue sapphire (of heavy 21 carats), green rose cutting electrical stone (6) carat total weight.

    Piggy necklace

    18 carat rose gold material, enchase 104 opal star pink circle (of heavy 24-karat), pink diamond (of heavy 26 carats), 4 star white water droplets form cutting diamonds (of heavy 5.8 carats), 2 single convex form electrical stone.

    Now,whether  these jdo ewllryies attract you? there must be ono piece is fit you. they are waiting for you whereever you are.