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  • Italy Jewelry Brands, Which One Do U Like Best?

    Posted on February 24th, 2011 admin 16 comments

    Italy can be not ignored in jewelry world, it always has nature inspiration for jerelry design which is combined with world level high technique perfectly. She creates not only influential jewelry design trend but also takes a leading position in global fashion field.

    BVLGAR antique necklace

    Being from famous top jewelry company BVLGARI of Italy, and showing dense classical styles of Greece and Italy, this brand expresses the importance position of function of diamond in jewelry. We always think that color is the key point in design. This idea has being inherited from the Renaissance, at that time, many exaggerated characteristics in color using can be found in jewelries.

    BVLGAR antique snake-shape bracelet

    Each product of Bvlgari is designed by the top designers and artist who can remind us of most important spirits of the Renaissance. Bvlgari expresses to produce jewelry with platinum instead of golden.

    Damiani high quality jewelry accessories

    The history of Damiani can be trace back to 1924; the founder Enrico Grassi Damiani founded a small workroom in Valenza Italy. Then luxury jewelry design helped he spread the reputation in a short time and became an effective jewelry designer who was appointed by some potential force people. After his death, the second futurity people added some popular and fashion creative factors and changed the workroom as a jewelry brand. Its special Lunette shape diamond setting technique explain its spirit, from 1976, Damiani had won international jewelry praises in succession and gotten more and more admitting,  then Damian get a space for the brand.