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  • Ballet Jewelry, Have You Ever Seen One Piece?

    Posted on March 16th, 2011 admin No comments

    Warmer spring wind wakes our winter dream up, so butterflies are flying surrounding you, ballet girls wear elegant accessories, simple and elegant dressing like the new born flowers that  lighten the spring bright colors.

    It seems to be a marvelous and occasional chance, the ballet grandmaster Balanchine was seeing the colorful and bright jewelry in a jewelry store and suddenly came out an idea to create the ballet dance jewelry, this legendary man’ ballet was called music ballet, the dace can be performed as a music melody that flies through the stages freely and lead viewers to your feeling. Maybe jewelry can make us feel some photo-hromic thing.

    In the 1960s, Van Cleef & Arpels designed the Precious Ballet’s high-quality jewelry series which captures the dancers lithe and graceful beauty of ballet work, each exhibition is floating elegance. This series of works around four themes and it is respective, ballet, green treasure stone, ruby and diamond jewelry, with precious material and flashing to the dumping of the gem, which gained many praises for its brilliant and exquisite.

    Having seen all sorts of styles, all kinds of size, all kinds of gender dressed in a ballet dancer, the beauty of more than a shameful gorgeousness of points. But, have you ever seen lovely pink is tender small pig worn ballet skirt?

    Through passing but can’t miss, elegant change Q dolls Ms Chanel, also Dances ballet! Painting the only announced doll that gives priority to the white lovely doll Coco Chanel in the prototype, the pictures “Ms Chanel” indifferent from the Q style. This Q version doll dressed in white suits, stands tiptoe elegant, as if it is going to give us a veritable section beautiful ballet dance! Exaggeration figure and expression shows brand-new elegant and fashion.

    Ballet jewelry is special for it takes two classical fashion things together and supplies a fresh view of us.