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  • Elegant Style, Tiffany Blue Box

    Posted on February 21st, 2011 admin 37 comments

    Tiffany blue came into being in 1878 and was first shown on the surface of their products’ list book. Blue Book was released in 1845 first time, and then listed most beautiful products of tiffany every year. This famous color was named forget-me-not blue and bird-egg blue; it was appreciated in 19 century and then became popular calaite color in diamond jewelry field, calaite also was a lovely diamond fro bride in Vitoria period, they always send brooch made of calaite to the honored guests who took part in their wedding occasion.

    Not long after the appearance of tiffany blue color, tiffany gift box and clean bag were also designed and they can be found in many advertisements and other brand activities, then, it will never be a color but a symbol mark for tiffany design and kept famous over the world; tiffany blue box was a development of elegance design.

    The founder of this brand Charles Lewis Tiffany has achieved his premier wish, the symbol tiffany blue box will keep accompany with tiffany jewelry. Have you ever attracted by its elegant beauty, outstanding design and perfect technique of jewelry production.

    The New York Sun used reported a brand tradition that Charles Lewis Tiffany will never sell but to send one thing no matter how much money you had, it is the blue box. There is a district order that empty blue box which has the company name cannot be took out, because company will guarantee every product of their company.