Love never fades
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  • Claddagh Rings, Your Style

    Posted on January 14th, 2011 admin No comments

    In Ireland,there is a special kind of rings named Claddagh which is an important possession in cultural heritage of Ireland. Claddagh rings are supplied in many kinds of materials, but the unique shape is a heart which was round by two hands and there stands a crown on the top. It means “let love control the world” so poetic a meaning has kept a legend about a piece ring for more than 400 years in Ireland.

    The definition of Claddagh
    Being round by two hands and there stands a crown on the top, it represents that “with my hands I give you my heart, and crown it with my love”, there is another meaning “let love and friendship reign forever”. Because of these meanings, people in Ireland like to carving words “love, friendship, loyalty” on the surface of souvenirs and rings.

    The origin of Claddagh
    Claddagh ring was found in Claddagh, a fishing village which was lying out the ancient wall of Galway in 17 century. The ring story has kept for 400 years.
    Following is the most believable one story.There was a man named Robert Joyce, he went to the west Indies to work where was far away from home and he planned to marry with his lover after he back home, unfortunately, his boat stranded and he was sold to a goldsmith goldsmith as slaves, then  he followed his lord went to Algiers city and learnt some skills. After William successes to the throne, he ordered to release all prisoners, the goldsmith was appreciate Robert Joyce and Promised to give his daughter and half of the house to him only if he agree to stay here, but Joyce refused him.
    Then he came back home and sent beautiful ring he produced to his lover and they married latter.

    Heritage of Claddagh factors
    In Alchemy Gothic products, there is a piece of Claddagh ring, because it contains gothic elements in which the designer may consider this, and there is no heart surrounded by hands, but turned into a rose, we can treat as exaggerationt.