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  • Chaume’s 230 Anniversary

    Posted on January 27th, 2011 admin No comments

    Chaume 's elegant house

    To celebrate their 230 anniversary, Chaume release their new series jewelry Josephine. This series jewelry is infinite in variety, many products such as accessories, earrings, rings, and diamond wristwatches have their own style, and  keep the elegant status of the brand. A latest diamond imperial crown is very attractive.

    Chaume celebrate its 230 anniversary over many countries. The founder Marie-Etienne Nitot was a jewelry designer of Napoleon, After more than two centuries of development, the Chaume kept their quality and style; also they created new designs constantly which reflected a special custom of Paris. Chaume stayed on the top position of fashion and was a perfect combination of modern and classical. They created a great story in fashion stage. Josephine necklace, beautiful series
    Chaume has set many franchise houses in china from 2007, the design of these houses has a same style in decoration, outer wall of show window is cyaneous, the dominant tone of those houses is light brown, all these show a special style of Chaume.

    Chaume was founded by Marie-Etienne Nitot in Paris in 1780 and was famous for its jewelry making history. Nitro won admiration from Napoleon for his special appreciation of the beauty and warm and sincere pay in jewelry design, and then Nitot became a specialized designer for this empire. having designed two imperial crowns for Josephine and Marie-Louise, Chaume became a special brand which was connected with many famous people.

    The jewelry design of Chaume is a superexcellent model of Paris citizens and gets a strong support from public. Chaume has created a great jewelry empire and an international miracle. Many series jewelry such as Class One, Dandy, Liens and others are showing their high quality and exquisite skills, keeping the special skills and represent modern art of life is a most important belief of this brand.