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  • 2011 Summer Jewelry Fashion Trend Prediction

    Posted on February 16th, 2011 admin 23 comments

    Don’t like a  bridal veil or a formal attire, jewelry has new fashion trend every season. There is a prediction of jewelry design which becomes a fashion beacon every season. Do you know the new fashion of this summer?

    NO.1Changeable Basic Style

    Bliss Ring-like Bracelet

    Even the bravest designer knows that classical design will never go out. People always like the basic design no matter how the fashion changes. Simple ring-like style and comely metal bracelet all are welcomed. But, classical thing is not same as tedium; designer pays more attention to the creative ideas and takes a broad view on latest combination form. Each size, shape and material matches together to create new feelings.

    NO.2. DailyCustom-made Sense

    Damiani Dual Ring

    The concept of custom-made comes from “Couture” of costume felid. Though it is not fresh news that jewelry producer has take this idea into jewelry deign, it becomes more and more important for jewelry. However it is not truly a high grade custom-made but some daily basic designs. It can be in simple style, but all specifics and the skill is very exquisite and it seems that it is a custom-made one.

    NO.3.Geometry Structure

    Salvini Geometry Structure Diamond Necklace

    Geometry structure supplies us a future feeling, sphere, tetragonum and polygon all are full of creative ideas. Advanced technique of certosina makes it possible to bestrew diamonds on 3D shapes, kinds of round cutting skills and the using of genuine pearls creates a perfect combination between color and shape.

    NO.4.Haute Douture for Daily Wearing

    Roberto Bravo Multicolored Diamond Ring

    Dramatization, attractive and specific, these words all express the key factor of custom-made jewelry. Based on the parlance of the world top merchandiser and designer, consumer who has super percipient always pursues the unique beauty for her or him. Though diamonds that used for custom-made always are valuable, the comfortable standard of wearing it becomes more important for customers. This trend creates a larger space for designers to creative work, they can adopt various kinds of materials such as pearls and colorful diamonds, even some semi-precious stone also can be used.

    No.5.Attractive Symbol

    Maria Antonietta Mittoni Frog Golden Accessories

    More and more brands release symbol serious jewelry recent days, these symbols come from different culture, history, religion, animal and even a spirit of places which from east to west of the world.