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  • Which Style of Diamond Ring Fit U?

    Posted on January 24th, 2011 admin 2 comments

    Preparing for wedding, one should buy some valuable jewelry, wedding diamond ring is one most important present for bride, however, not every bride has a pair of perfect hands to wear ring. Do you know how to solve this problem? I will tell you a good way. According to your own hand model follow the principle effectively, and then luxury diamond ring will fit you perfectly.

    Slender beautiful hand

    Slender hand can wear every style of diamond and perform perfectly, if a big piece diamond attached on your ring, your finger will seem plump, if it is a thin ring with single diamond, beautiful and refined feeling will appear in your hand.

    Thick short hand

    This type of hand should be pulled in vision, so it is not fit for the rings with complicated ornaments. You can choose a succinct diamond ring; single diamond is the best one for you, if it is possible, you can select a piece of diamond within 50-70 points.

    Six-claws inlay keep spread over the world, it can serve as a folio to female’s hand, and the most important thing is that it is very secure. If you change this style a little, different effects will be felt. If you want to be low-pitched, all claws can be smaller, if you love to be great-hearted, you can choose a bigger one.

    Petit hand

    Diamond for this kind of hand should not be big, single diamond ring is best, briefness, fresh, elegances and beautiful will turn up suddenly.

    A Snow- claw also is a nice style which can sett off diamond by contrast easily, if your want the diamond to be seen bigger, this style is good.

    Bulky hand

    Wide-line diamond ring is produced for that person, who has bulky hand, Bold and unconstrained, but not being lack of dedication.

    Those suggestions can be followed if you feel they are useful