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  • Some Methods to Distinguish Ruby

    Posted on January 23rd, 2011 admin No comments

    Ruby is one kind of most valuable jewelry; its color is bright and can reflect six shooting-stars which are very beautiful under the light. The six lines in ruby are formed by the special construction of the crystal and they are unique optical phenomena. There are three basic statuses of ruby, transparent status, translucent status, and opaque status, also several colors can be found in different rubies, such as light red, pink, deep red, rose color and so on.

    There are some distinguish between deep color and light color for the ruby. Crystals of natural ruby resemble six arrises or look like hexagon, so the form of the color in ruby just like a cobweb which is concentric, but it also can be a shape as ∧or – after cutting and marching. Putting the ruby into clean water and the above mentioned color will appear clearly. the specific gravity of ruby is 3.99~4.02ï¼OEand the rigidity is 9. Big particle with pure quality is quite precious, but rarely to be found, just for this reason, common big rubies we see in market are fakes.

    There are two kinds of counterfeit rubies; one kind fake often pretend low-end diamond to be ruby, low-end diamond can be Red Gems, Rubellite. One method to distinguish ruby is to observe the color of your diamond, the right color of true ruby is bright red, brilliant and attractive, red gems are in deep red, Rubellites are in pink, pomegranate stones are in amaranth color, counterfeit ruby cannot be compared with the true ruby which has special color image and the rays it shows.

    The other kind of fake ruby is manmade ruby. Which has similar gravity, rigidity and color with ruby; there is also a method to distinguish themï¼OEas same as the first method, to put it into clean water, the color shape of manmade ruby shows a column or concentric circle. In a direct looking, manmade ruby always has uniform color without any natural impurities and the shape of it often is very big, it is lack of natural feeling.