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  • Van Cleef & Arpels Lights up the Oscar’s Night

    Posted on March 9th, 2011 admin 2 comments

    In the Oscar 83th medal presentation ceremony, Cate Blanchett wears Givenchy custom-tailor bobtail and Van Cleef & Arpels elegant jewelry shows her different disposition. These jewelry includes a K golden which is set 127 pieces diamonds personal series tassel diamond bracelet which is made in 1946. Also a pair of Vintage earrings which was made of K golden and diamonds, rounding by oval yellow diamonds in 1981.

    Cate Blanchett

    As an awards honored guest, Robert Downey Jr. uses the Van Cleef & Arpels poetic complication series Midnight in Paris watch to match his Prada dark blue tailcoat. This series watch equips glass watch dial and hand paint 365 days turntable, 18k platinum watch case which is set 96 pieces long diamonds and matches a crocodile watchband.

    Robert Downey Jr

    The director of the movie Haevnen AKA In a Better World Susanne Bier decorates her ceremonial robe with classical jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels. This series jewelry includes a platinum K golden diamond bracelet and a pair of diamond earring.

    Susanne Bier

    The pre Oscar winner of Bcademy Awards Marisa Tomei is a awards honored guest, she wears a suit of Charles James from Lily et Cie dress which made in 1950 and matches attractive Vintage series jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels, this valuable Estate blue gems, diamonds and emerald earrings and bracelet which are custom made in a workshop of New York in 1960.

    Marisa Tomei

    The earrings are made of Yellow K gold set 4 pieces of blue gems and 88 pieces of diamonds, then 20 pieces of emerald and 6 pieces round blue gems are used.

    The bracelet is also made of Yellow K golden set  5 pieces of blue gems, 29 pieces of emerald and 164 pieces of diamonds.

  • Costume Jewelry, Benefit You Much

    Posted on January 20th, 2011 admin No comments

    Have you ever feel upset when you want to by beautiful jewelry but have no money? Costume accessories is an alright method to wear most fashion jewelry but spent less of your money. They can change you a lot when you wear them which including earrings, bracelets, rings and so on which can meet you’re the love of beauty.

    Especially the rings, will lead you to gain your confidence in beauty, they can also helpful for your creation inspiration and individuality. Several kinds of methods can be learnt to create different style of rings, then you also can be s designer. From neutral color to neon lights colors, they can be show brave characters; also can be melting feelings, but those all can be felt by us, many rings related some certain themes which can be elegant or foolish, or have they mixed.

    Then, many uncanny inspiration contribute to the designers in the process of making rings such as nature mysterious shapes, some other designers are take the ancient style to make, Art decorate usually looks fashion and some of them emerge special feeling when they are worn by those who has long and beautiful neck..

    Droplight can also offer some inspirations in female dressing, they can look as the style as old as Victorian period fashion, also can be a ancient Indian design, even the small pieces which decorated with some pearls, for example, the rings made by native American races are often look as a recover of nation mixers which show their character in every fashion clothing or jewelry.

    There are widely workshop and high quality workers and materials for making accessories, there is a meaning of costume jewelry, all the pieces are not made from expensive pearls or diamond but some mixture materials such as glass, plastomer or some stones, they can instead the expensive crystal, but have the same appearance with crystal, the design and the skills can be same or even better than the jewelry. But the most important thing is you must buy all the materials to supply for production.

    You also can be a member of the costume jewelry team.

    The costume jewelry can be fashion or traditional in time, rings can be treated as a recorder of the history which store full of story. Hundred years have passed, woman like to wear small accessories for their little children to mark them. Costume accessories are so benefits for those ordinary people who want to follow the fashion trend.

  • 2011 Golden Globes, Jewelry colletion

    Posted on January 19th, 2011 admin 1 comment

    From one famous star to another, in the 68th globe gold awards, fashion and noble jewelry which represent the hot trend of next season of fashion jewelry became a highlight in the great occasion.

    In the occasion, many crazy faddist wearing sensational dovetail and big carats diamonds to show their rich and honor. Though the flashing light and bright colors give us an unusual feeling, we still have special like to the numerous jewelry (wearing by Anne Hathaway, Olivia Wilde, and Angelina Jolie) which are gleaming.

    Statement earrings still show dazzling shining in the great occasion; many famous Hollywood female stars are wearing different style earrings such as, Leighton Meester wears the Cathy Waterman,Catherine Zeta wears the Van Cleef Arpels and Sofia Vergara wears the David Webb, they all look very perfect modles.

    In the same time, neckwear also takes an important role in the great occasion. Though they are often ignored by us, any beautiful ladies cannot be lack of a beautiful necklace. The design and style of the necklaces which wear by the Hollywood famous female stars are all seemed porcelain especially in their cut skills. Also the reticular style of neckwear which was wear by these stars such as Natalie Portman wear Tiffany, Diana Argon wear Cathy Waterman and Sarah Hyland wear Mikimoto and so on.

    Flashing light of the diamond which are wear by many famous female singers also occupy an important position in the occasion. Such as Helen Mirren whose neckwear is worthy of 1.6millioin dollars, Halle Berry’s bracelet made of diamond is worthy of 2.7million which is belongs to Harry Winston brand, and Jennifer Lopes whose diamond r=earrings are worthy of 5 million dollars.

    The tophus color give us another enjoy incomparably, the jewelry which in this color style is full of sensibility,  they contribute much to the beauty of the following famous stars, earrings for Kyra Sedwick is from Ofira, the accessories for Nicole Kidman is from Fred Leighton and the ring worn by Lea Michele is made by Lorraine Schwartz.

    While pea green was fashion this year, but we should remember it is a color of dressing, not only for diamond. Then cherry color also is a fashion represent in the new season for it seems full of energy and fresh power.

    This is just little part of fashion jewelry information; you can turn my page to get more.

  • Little Patina Earrings Give You a Cool Feeling

    Posted on January 17th, 2011 admin No comments

    There are so many fashions paces around us in recent time, and slow several topics about fashion are spreading over a long time. from last century, there are some styles in fashion such as clothing and jewelries made a comeback trend.

    Small patina earrings are so perfect in every important situations, But everyone wanted wear a bigger one which attaching some little piece of patina ring form earrings to attract the masses’ eyes, all these demand to be in ancient style and you can wear it all day and night

    Women always took off big earrings in night because of the heavy weight

    However, you will never worry about the same situation can occurred for this earrings cannot became heavy with a pair of patina earrings which weighted less.

    Different trends of fashion styles are called by different, people never mind whether it is uncomfortable or not, but to follow new trend, once a new trend conformed, one should consider to choose a fit one to meet self needs. This little patina earrings are fit for every woman both in style and feeling, it can express your fashion.

    Another important characteristic of this pair of earrings is that they can resist wearing-down if you obey the right steps of them; it means that they will never be curved. This is very helpful for women who favorite

    In wearing jewelries, even some women wear them to go to sleep. Then they will lose one in floor or any corner of bedroom and find there is only one still in ear. It is a great artwork for women, no matter how long time you wear, they still be in perfect conditions.

    Little patina earrings take backs your good feeling and show you better than ever, now, shouldn’t you choose a pair to wear? Open your jewelry box and put another new fashion earring in it.