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  • Some Common Senses of Emeralds 1.doc

    Posted on March 17th, 2011 admin No comments

    It is the king of green gems, there is no a green ca n makes a person cheerful. Emerald, the most beautiful, rich, gaudy and noble, let a person cannot imagine the color.

    Emerald is very old gem; we can remember the ancient civilization from it. Its name is from the ancient Persian, zumurud mean green gems. Legends happened about 6,000 years ago, Babylonian someone to sacrifice the statue. Later the word zumurud is developing into Latin word smaragdus, and esmeraude, emeraude, and changed to be the English word meralde finally and then kept it to now. Apparently “emerald” just transliteration, and her grandmother had nothing to do with. The long history of emeralds gives it noble and legends.

    It is the earliest known history that can be traced back to ancient Egypt, 1500 B.C. even earlier for it and took a slave’s life. Before 16th century, Egypt is known as the only emerald origin. Until the 16th century, Hispanics in South America found a large charming emerald. As early as in Spain aggression, there could be a Mexican records of emeralds looted. Rich color emerald pleased the Spanish king, and also please the fallen European nobility, suddenly, they scrambled to wear South America emerald jewelry.

    For Europeans, emeralds represent the eternal love and beauty. Eternal love and beauty is noble, magnificent, besides the king, it only belongs to the goddess of pride. South America’s gaudy green, European royal handed down to the emerald jewelry; it still gives contemporary designer inexhaustible inspiration.

    In ancient Rome, emeralds are love and beauty color of Venus. Her green will be in sunny days and cloudy subtly change, just like goddess who has clever eyes, always vividly issued a gentle but rich and gaudy light. Love, beauty and life happiness, emerald uses one color represents the wonderful things of life, and makes a person never be tired.