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  • Ray-Ban’s Jackie Ohh II Collection Lives Up to the Claim

    Posted on July 10th, 2011 admin No comments

    Jacqueline Kennedy, a fashion icon of her time, was more commonly known by this name. Jackie O was viewed as often ahead of her time in style. If you search for a picture of her, you can find an image of her style. She was always dressed amazingly, and if you see a picture of her sunglasses, you’ll notice the style: large, dark sunglasses in a sort of round shape. And these sunglasses happen to be the design that is popular now.

    Ray-Ban manufactures a line of sunglasses named after this fashion icon. The first Jackie Ohh sunglasses were smaller, but the new ones are not only perfect vintage, but they are perfect for this season’s fashion as well.

    The Jackie Ohh II collection, though, offers many different colors and subtle variations on this vintage chic style of sunglasses.These sunglasses are, of course, large, dark, and sort of round plastic frames. All of these sunglasses are a sort of round shape. The Ray-Ban logo is on the arm of the sunglasses. The sunglasses are affordable as well. They run about $140 a pair.

    There are varieties of the Jackie Ohh II collection by Ray-Ban for every kind of chic. There is the classic black plastic frame with different variations of lens color. Green and grey fade are common colors for lenses. For the slightly more adventurous woman, there is a tortoise-shell frame with a grey/green lens or honey-colored frames with brown lenses. Red lenses with white arms are also available.

    The Jackie Ohh II by Ray-Ban has several new colors as well for Summer 2011. These colors are bright enough to turn heads, but shadow your face, just like women these days are looking for. A bright violet is just the right amount of color, and paired with a dark grey lens, still covers your face well. There are also now gradient frames, such as brown and yellow with brown lenses, purple and brown frames with brown lenses, or grey and peach with grey lenses.

    Only a great, fashionable pair of sunglasses with a unique vintage appeal could live up to the Jackie O. name. Ray-Ban made a claim by naming the Jackie Ohh collection after this fashion idol. And they have lived up to it with the new and improved Jackie Ohh II collection. This collection is fashionable, and sophisticated. With a new bunch of bright, daring colors, Ray-Ban adds some flare to the sophisticated style.