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  • Luxury of Hermès

    Posted on July 14th, 2011 admin No comments

    The Birkin bag is a handmade purse by Hermès. The bag is a symbol of luxury due to its exclusive and elusiveness. The bags are handmade in France by connoisseur artisans. The company’s signature saddle stitching, developed in the 1800s, is another distinctive feature. Each bag is hand-sewn, buffed, painted, and polished, taking several days to finish. Leathers are obtained from different tanners in France, resulting in varying smells and textures. Since of the specific craftsmanship, other details of the bags may not all be identical. The company justifies the cost of the Birkin bag, compared to other bags, based on the meticulous craftsmanship and scarcity.

     Each one may be made to order with distinct customer-chosen hides, color, and hardware fixtures. There are other individual preferences, such as diamond-encrusting. The bag also has a variety of hides such as calf leather, ostrich, crocodile, and lizard. One of the most expensive is saltwater crocodileskin. Bags with smaller scales cost more than those with larger scales. The bag is lined with goat-skin. The color of the interior matches the exterior. Prices for the Birkin bag depend on the color, hardware fixtures, and skin.Birkin bags are offered in a range of sizes. Sizes are 25, 30, 35, and 40 centimeters. The 50- and 55-centimeter bags are meant for travelling.

    It also comes in a variety of colors such as pink, red, brown, baby blue, navy blue, orange, white, black, and golden tan. The bag has a lock and keys. The keys are enclosed in a leather lanyard known as a clochette, carried by looping through a handle. The bag is locked by closing the top flaps over buckle loops, wrapping the buckle straps, or closing the lock on the front hardware. Locks and keys are number-coded. The metallic hardware that includes the lock, keys, buckle hardware, and base studs are plated with gold or palladium to prevent tarnishing. Hardware is updated regularly to maintain the top quality available in the industry at time of production. The metal lock may be covered with leather as a custom option. Diamonds are another custom addition.

    A Shooting Star Birkin has a stamp shaped like a shooting star adjacent to the “Hermès, Paris Made in France” stamp; this is in gold or silver to match the hardware and embossing. Rarely, the stamp is blind or colorless. Birkins or other Hermès bags can sometimes be made by independent craftsmen for “personal use” once a year. Every bag bears the stamp of the craftsperson that made the bag. Hermès provides a “spa treatment” as reconditioning for overly used bags.

  • 2011, Famous Movies Take Effect on Fashion Clothing

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    Figures in famous movies can grasp our hearts with their moved stories; fashion in movie stories can also attract our eyes. This year, designers’ artworks shown on T show stages easily remind us of many classical designs of past famous movies, if you want to follow famous movies stars, their clothes styles are samples for you.

    Harry Potter

    Harry Potter

    Whether the Harry Potter series movies can be another most important mark as Chaplin’s movies or not still remains to be expected, but, no matter Joanne Rowling’s novel or the relative series movies, the sales volume and box office income of Harry Potter are perfect. Little actors have grown up and become new models in fashion field. We believe that designers of Dior Homme are affected, so they put these strange factors into their designs.

    Alice in the Wonderland

    Alice in the Wonderland

    Being as crazy as Y-3, the new fashion dress reminds me of mad hatter of the famous movie Alice in the Wonderland, we can find many similarities, for example, his wild hair, bright colors always combine with strange styles.

    Modern Time

    Modern Time

    John Galliano spring and summer series remind us of the style of Modern Time, big gear in stage background once played important role in movies. As one of the most influential character s in movie history, his image who wearing a dome hat and full dress becomes an important representative for comedy movies, at the same time, his style is also put into the John Galliano series.



    Do you remember the movie Titanic? When the big ship born, it drew much attention, but it’s sinking made regret, one of the styles of the hero in this movie has some similarity with Billy Reid spring and summer series men’s clothing, they all express a classical and ancient feeling. In addition, latest fashion factors tell us that rolling side suit will show a leisure disposition of you.

    The classical movie The Choir Boys also steps onto spring fashion show stage once again. This movie tells us the childhood memories of the world’s famous conductor Pierre Morhange. Someone discusses that it is a movie that makes our faces covered with tears because of happiness, also it creates a new concept of French sunshine emotional movies. Designers of N. Hollywood learn from it and then make some changes, though this model has a same style with that movie, he more like a prisoner who wears a flapper and accepts a photographing, he stands in cell in good behavior and shows a freely feeling.

  • Top Tips for Fashionistas in Summer Fashion

    Posted on April 23rd, 2011 admin No comments

    It is a big challenge for us to keep cold in hot summer days. When you are looking for cold places, your sweats will still break into. There are many ways for us to fight against the high heat and keep your style under the bright sunshine this period.

    Many methods of making up supplies series of summer goods that will helpful not only for your face, but also make you cool. Refresh facial mist and cooling based elite fluid are two most useful makeup products for summer season; you can use them when the weather starts to be hot and goes up. Besides, there are some other series of anti-melt cosmetic products can be used for eye shadows, lipsticks and other. We should not forget that a piece of good quality waterproof mascara cream is a necessary role in your makeup bag.

    Appreciatively, this summer, long style dress comes back, but it seems that we all are trying our best to wear short in hot season. From long hot trousers to short mini skirt, and even some start to wear bikinis, it is a fairy tale that showing your skin under sunshine will keep a cool feeling; do you think it is a good way? It is a truth that you will feel hotter when your cloth is uncomfortable. Long and wide dress will prevent your body under bright sunshine and protect t your skin, I would like to wear wide and long dress in summer.

    Summer is coming, may be you are starting a worried for your wearing. Whether you are elegant is also a necessary factor you should consider, and then ask yourself, which style summer dress you like best. Getting rid of the suits, you will never have a series feeing. Just relax yourself in this summer.