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  • How to Distinguish Jewelry

    Posted on January 20th, 2011 admin 1 comment

    1. The material

    When high-grade jewelry is made, the material selection cannot be ignored. The most important for choosing material is quality, you should better choose expensive metal such gold and platinum for you can guarantee the jewelry quality, also they can store the value, then, rare gemstones,semi-precious stones and crystal in high quality also are necessary. With the speed development of technology, great majority of gemstones in the market are manual works which can overstate the value of gemstones. So, those gemstones which have never handle by people are perfect.

    2. A feeling of history

    To evaluated the historical value of high quality jewelry, people should learn not only the style, but also the rarity and the using wealth of these small gemstones which attached to the high jewelry, with the change of nature, natural gemstone are less than before, the chance to discover big gemstone is reducing in rapid speed, even some gemstone fields have disappeared. So, a piece of rare and high quality gemstone such as blue gemstone in Kashmir and red gemstone in Burma has high value in history. To evaluate the historical value, you should judge its nature state and quality, so a certification of gemstone is the most faithful value judge. To judge the value of jewelry, experience, instrument and certification are needed.

    3. Skills

    Each brand has traditional but unique skills in inlay, special art and individual character of a brand is a necessary factor for any high quality jewelry. Few attractive style is included, to show the charm of the material and give us an inside beauty but elegant feeling is an important part for these jewelry artisans. Perfect skills, smart changes and exquisite design are basic demands. A perfect jewelry is that anyone wears can be show beauty.

    4. Artistic feeling

    Creating a jewelry art, beauty feeling is a basic demand. All inspiration in design are from our life.

    It seems to be an imitation, but designers put bits such as the forms of nature, feeling of humans and others of live into the artwork. So beauty is the most important factor in creative activities, a perfect product can be felt by human, we learn the romantic and charm from it. Inspiration takes them into the works and takes great value to the artwork.