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  • Top 10 Engagement Ring Of Tiffany

    Posted on January 21st, 2011 admin 12 comments

    Engagement is a one of most important experience, and in the engagement pert, the rings for boy and girl are necessary, diamond represent forever love, but do you know what are the most beautiful rings for engagement?

    I will list top ten engagement diamond rings for you.

    1、Jean Schlumberger diamond ring

    Jean Schlumberger is top jewelry designer in the world; some Medias comment his that this famous designer has immoral imagination and creative ability, his jewelry artworks ca lead you to climb the top position of jewelry design and have a test of a kind of admiration beauties. This style ring was designed by him.

    2、Quadrate diamond ring

    This style of big diamond ring diffuse a feeling of restoring ancient way, the middle of the ring is a piece of big diamond which has be handled may times, and attaching many pieces of small diamonds, this style can recover a memory of the ring of Edward VII.

    3、Tiffany Setting diamond ring

    When selecting engagement rings, some people do not like the classical style jewelry, then, you can choose this one, in the middle of six prong settings is a fancy diamond, beautiful and elegant.

    4、Emerald meditate platinum diamond ring

    This emerald meditate platinum diamond ring is an important member of the setting series of Tiffany, the work of the diamond is very meticulous, there is a finger ring made of platinum. Be simple but decent.

    5、Emerald meditate pondering diamond ring

    This is also elaborated artwork of tiffany, just as its name, the designer spend much time and energy in this ring, all the edges can reflect beautiful lights especially at the night.
    6、Elliptic engagement diamond ring
    Another porcelain design for beautiful girl, who will feel as a princess of fairytales, exquisite and perfection are most important characters.

    7、Ternate-diamond ring

    If you are favorites in diamond jewelry, this style will be the best choice for you, these three pieces of diamond have a particular attractive power, and you will be the bright part in your engagement party.

    8、Lucida diamond ring

    Modern word promotes fashion, simplicity and high grade in jewelry accessories, this Lucida diamond ring is a typical model which is brief and vogue.

    9、Star diamond ring

    Many small stars are attached in this diamond ring directly, platinum finger ring give an outstanding felling when you wear it in your engagement occasion.

    10、Pyriform diamond ring

    This style break with the tradition, a pear-like shape is out of the ordinary, girl who wears it seems more slender.