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  • Jewelry Box Fashion in 2011

    Posted on April 6th, 2011 admin No comments

    During the mid period of 13 century, jewelry boxes was fashion in old China, before this, the jewelry box was sold to global markets. It is the best tool to store and show your beloved jewelry .to keep your jewelry design available, a wooden box for jewelry can be made to put on your making –up table, also you can search many kinds of jewelry boxes from internet shops.

    Firstly, the color and design are the most important point you should considered before you want to buy a jewelry box made of wood, because this little piece of artwork can also be used to match your dressing table, once you put it on your table, it will never be a box but a adornment.

    The most fashion material for making jewelry box is hard wood which is affords by winter tress that levies are lost in new seasons. Different hardwood has different color and touch feeling, good quality hardwood sandalwood, teak and mahogany are always used to make furniture. In Far East, Teak and cedar jewelry box is popular style; we often adorn it with classical Asian symbols and marks. These wood materials have bright color.

    Other common hardwood materials also are suggested to jewelry boxes making, to celebrate the furniture style of 20th century, Colonial style is popular. Also some mini styles are followed with the mini shape becomes a new fashion trend this season.

    All these designs reflect certain elegant characteristics and fashion ideas, the old fashion style of Victorian box of jewelry is also an important and potential trend in new fashion season. All these style s boxes can be found online, there are many other designs are supplied, if you cannot select a perfect for yourself, costume jewelry box also is a good choice.