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  • TOP 4 Jewelry Brands Are Introduced For You

    Posted on April 9th, 2011 admin No comments

    From the first day I started to write my blog, I had a strong desire to introduce much fashion information and many fashion products for by blog readers, also I still wanted to share my ideas with you. My writing if from last winter, cold weather cannot stop my energy.

    My blog is about fashion jewelry, after learning from magazines and official websites of some famous brands, I have known much about various jewelry design and their ideas, for example, the world top luxury jewelry brand, Tiffany, if you search internet frequently, even every fashion website and blog all have specific introduction of this brand, from its early engagement jewelry to the latest yellow series, elegant design ideas is accompanies with their every generation of products. I also love the Tiffany setting, but it is very expensive and I cannot afford any one piece of it.

    Then, I want to list isVan Cleef & Arpels which is a famous jewelry brand, the origin of it is France French, and it is the top jewelry brand of French, in red carpets of Gold Global and the 83 th Oscar Awards, it also becomes an outstanding star and lights up the luxury and elegant atmosphere, the most unforgettable series jewelry of it is 2011 valentine’s day series jewelry watch, though it is famous as jewelry brand, it also design watch. Generally speaking, the brand releases gift series in every important commemoration day; so many fashion followers are expecting the next Mothers’ day series.

    Following I want to share with you is Chopard which is very hot in the early season of this year, this brand has gone through freely between jewelry and watch, a unique characteristic of it is that its noble and luxury is revealed by a king of pure, elegant and romantic disposition, wearing their products, you will be never high-key but still is an attractive model. Especially the Ice Cube series, white cold gold cuff-link is in a simple design but full of modern feeling. Pieces of diamonds are inlaid on it and they seem to be ice grains cover the jewelry.

    The last I want to refer is Piaget,learning from the name; I think it should be a nobleness brand, the most outstanding tradition of this brand is its mosaic technique, elegant inlaid diamonds and exquisite art style are used in their designs, the Possession series of jewelry has applied more than two tons of gold and 10 million pieces of diamonds so far, then we will know why it is welcomed.