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  • How to Match Your Chromatic Gem?

    Posted on April 20th, 2011 admin No comments

    Chromatic gem is usually valued discretion differentiates for “Precious Stones” and “semi-precious Stones”. Traditional accepted “expensive gems” include: ruby, sapphire, and emerald, cat’s eye, etc. These four gems and diamond and called “the world’s rare gem”. So call “half treasure stone” gem include: amethyst, yellow crystal, Joe palmer stone, pear-shaped, sea sapphire, garnet, olivine, etc.

    Partial white skin person
    Not suitable for: crystal powder, pear-shaped pink. Pink doesn’t highlight skin gloss, and the skin can highlight crystal powder color, which is the skin white suit color treasure.
    Suitable for: color slightly bright, brunet department of colorful treasure, such as garnet, red accents, amethyst, etc is white skin is the most appropriate.

    Yellow color person
    Not suitable for: topaz accents. Cream-colored satin band. And the skin with color of colorful treasure will make your skin appears bleak.
    Comfortable appropriate: green department and purple department color treasure will make your skin very bright and beautiful, such as olivine, amethyst, etc.

    Slant red color person
    Not suitable for: slant red or partial purple department of colorful treasure. Garnet, amethyst, red accents can make skin appear redder, and the beautiful color treasure itself will be discounted.
    Suitable for: in your skin, topaz accents. Cream-colored satin band, olivine will compare to be brighter.

    Slants dark complexion
    Not suitable for: white or pink gem, lest strong contrast, these can make your skin dark.
    Suitable for: suitable for wearing luxurious color treasure jewelry, or a straightforward style sculpture class jewelry; Also suitable topaz, tonal gem, can rise among good functions of fade your weak color of skin.