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  • 19k Gold Rings Will lead the Fashion Wedding Jewelry Trend

    Posted on April 23rd, 2011 admin No comments

    Rings made of 19k purity gold were unheard of in wedding jewelry stores for people to select or buy at one point, but thanks for the latest development and creativity, this kind of rings come out. There are just a few watch brands over the world release this 19k purity finer rings, so they are very special in recent years and then they become the prior choice for people who getting married. Do you know why 19 k purity gold ring is popular?

    How can you get a piece of 19k gold ring for your wedding or engagement party? You should make sure that you can get an official certificated cart or paper which is from the third party witness. This official document will guarantee that your 19k finger ring is not a fake or replica piece of jewelry, checking the certification is a must when you buy a piece of 19k purity gold ring, then you will avoid many sudden problems.

    It should not be ignored by you that learn the gold finger ring and K represents for carat which will make you know t its purity level of your gold jewelry, it means that you will clearly know how much gold is used in your ring. Do not misunderstand the carat; it is just the quality and weight of diamond and other valuable stones.

    Generally speaking, many wedding finger rings are 14k or 18k which support the design shapes and serviceableness. Pure gold is 24k, but usually majority of gold rings are 18k which are softer, then it is difficult to inlay any diamond for it is hard.  Diamond belongs to the world top 10 hard materials; it has a wider use in cutting jewelry and design accessories.

    Many styles of 19k gold finger rings will be offered by jewelry brands, they will supply more choices for people in designs, shapes and materials. The new trend of 19 k finger ring will be another leading model on jewelry stages.