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  • Lacey Metal Earrings, I Lead U to Make A Pair

    Posted on January 17th, 2011 admin 1 comment

    Introduction and Materials

    Brave and graceful, these jewelries include metal chains of hematite and bright crystals. Even though they are so big, and approaching 2 and 1/2 inches long they are very weightless. The filigree, string, and jump rings are in bronze color and the ear crook and head needle are sterling, so they are in mixture metals

    Following will be helpful for you.

    Two round little spade purl in bronze color, each in 35*24 lengths;

    Two violet AB crystals, each 8mm length;

    Eight violet pearls in size 11;

    Four hematite pearls, each 6mm length;

    Four bronze links, each 3mm length;

    Four pieces of better bronze chains, 1/2 inch each

    Six little heed needles;

    Two little ear claps;

    In craft, these pieces of purls can not to be made in the heart of this pair of earrings, however once I put them in a chaos order, they are treated as heart to me. They are called Fancy Spade.

    Plus violet crystals

    1. putting a piece of violet crystal on a head needle, then, attach a piece of unglued ring at the top of this artwork.

    2. Put this onto the centre ring of the center loop of the purl piece.

    Attaching the chain

    3. Take a violet pearl, metal pearl and then decorate them onto a head needle in alternative order. Then make another in same method.

    4 Enclose the unglued ring to a piece of bronze chain, and use a little ring to link it to one of the side chain on the centre of the earring.

    Adding Hang adorns

    5. Repeating the steps from 3 to 4 and add another chain hung adorns to the other side of the centre position of this work

    Finish step

    6. Attaching crook to the middle of the top position of the earring

    7. Repeating the whole steps to made another piece of earring.