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  • Some Points in Protecting Your Jewelry

    Posted on January 25th, 2011 admin No comments

    Jewelry designers think that jewelry should be protected and cleaned regularly to keep their perfect bright light and quality.

    Following will help for you.

    Pay attentions

    1. To prevent your jewelry to be crashed or broken, you should dot wear jewelry when you do exercise or do heavy work.

    2. Do not put several kinds of jewelry into one box, because different diamond and metal has different rarity, they will rub each other and get broken.

    3. Those jewelry which we wear frequently should be checked once a month to identify they are not broken and all accessories are uptight.

    4. We should be carefully when we wearing some tender diamonds such as emerald for they are easy to be splintering.
    5. Do not wear hollow jewelry in kitchen or other   place with vapor, or they may change color.

    Some available lotions for jewelry

    Jewelry washing solutions has AMMONLA which can make metals brighter in color; it is safe for most diamonds when we use these solutions to clean jewelry, but they are not applicable for pearls and some other diamonds.

    Clean water, suds and banister brush are basic tools. They you can also clean your jewelry with clean water, after that, jewelry should be put on soft towel to dry naturally.

    Most important points

    1. Do not use bleaching water; the chlorine of bleaching water can break metal and then resolves metal pieces. So, don’t wear jewelry when you are in swimming pool, because there is chlorine in swimming pools usually.

    2. Do not use those washing powder, cleaning agent and toothpaste that have abrasive in them.

    3. Do not stew your jewelry with vitriol

    4. Ultrasonic cleaning can be used for diamonds but no fit many other gemstones.

    5. Do not clean your jewelry with boiling water, some diamonds such as emerald and amethyst are very weak, the inner structure will be changed once in boiling water.