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  • 3 Methods to Match Your Mini Size Jewelry

    Posted on February 25th, 2011 admin 4 comments

    I don’t know when did the oversize jewelry stared to be popular, but now I know the traditional appreciation of the beauty of mini size goods is backing, though mini jewelry has less publicized character, it still can reveal female’s beauty by another specifics.

    There is district stress in the matching between mini size jewelry and clothing, if you wear many cloth, you are suggested to give up the mini jewelry for it will be overwhelmed buy your clothes. So you should remember the following points which will be helpful for you.

    a.  The simplicity degree should be appropriate. Once simplicity clothing matches with mini size jewelry, the effect will be 1+1>2, especially the design of neckline and wristband parts of a cloth, the more simple the better.  Heart-shaped neckline and three or nine quarter sleeve are better.

    b.  Clothing color, the less the better. Generally speaking, mini size jewelry not in multi colors, so it determines the colors of one’s clothing cannot be too many, it’s better to choose shads or little-cells upper outer garment.

    c.  Overlap wear is better. We always think that overlap wear is the monopolization of exaggerated jewelry, but it will supply a better effect to wear overlap jewelry, you wear see the elegance from them. It will reduce the contrast of high and short, so this matching method just fit for slender tall girls.

    Maybe, many people think that mini size jewelry can not be compared with big size, it is not right. The biggest distinguished point is the specific s in this year popular mini size jewelry. Little style gives us clearly views and each specific is designed carefully.

    If you match them in a perfect way, greater effect will be seen from your body.