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  • Pure Crystal, Swarovski’s Gift for Mother’s Day 2011

    Posted on March 29th, 2011 admin No comments

    Being made by valuable bright fake crystals, the jewelly 2011 mother’s day series gift supply fashion and unique concept of presents by colorful and single color attractive and fashion jewelry, pendant and accessories.

    The fake crystal pearl plays the leading role this year of Swarovski and they are shown in two different series distinguished.

    The high technique and special style Nude series, mini fake crystal is rounding by white fake crystal pearls, a same bright design can be found in its single piece or double piece finger rings which are set to be one suit of jewelry. The elegant Nude set is consist of three fake crystal string accessories which match with oblong cut fake crystal bowknot, it shows the special sole of such a adornment art.

    The Pure and elegant snow white fake crystal pearl can be compared with flicker crystal, and spreads a higher fashion dress character of Nathalie. Necklace, bracelet and finger ring of this theme all are given special meaning.

    The bright attractive Neva series jewelry remind of sweet candies fake crystal. Except for the delicate and charming red earrings, this gilded chain series has not only a bright color but also pink long lace, Y pendant and bracelet which are exquisite and easily to wear.

    Swarovski brings various sweet styles, there are blue and pink imperial crowns, the lovely “Happy Prince” and “Happy Princess” will attract you much. Then they can dance on the pedestal, the beautiful gesture of Liz and Juliette which is two fake flowers is your best choice to adorn your office or house.

    All the inspirations of the 2011 mother’s day gift series are from dream and elegant thing which reveals the special quality and pure disposition of those fake crystals; also it shows our respect and love to mothers, how about you when you see such meaningful presents?