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  • Tiffany Butterfly Pendant, Simple But Elegant

    Posted on March 11th, 2011 admin No comments

    Tiffany is a famous jewelry brand which is followed by most fashion and noble people; I always admire the designers of this famous company. Nowadays , Tiffany supply many series classical jewelry which are made by silver, gold, gems ,diamond and crystal to Oscar stars,  I am attract much by these elegant goods, then, spring butterfly is so popular in this fashion season and Tiffany also release some butterfly-shaped jewelry to us.

    tiffany butterfly

    tiffany butterfly

    There is a special accessory of this series jewelry is followed by, more and more girls, it is a simple pendant which is designed in butterfly shape. It is a fancy product among so many valuable goods, many little pieces of crystal and diamonds are attached in the two silver wings, bright color and glaring light will be very conspicuous all the time especially at night.

    tiffany butterfly

    tiffany butterfly

    I used saw some butterfly accessories on TV show and movies, in which famous stars wear them look very elegant and outstanding among stage or any other situation. In this season, fresh scenery always attract us much, lovely flowers and new tress, petals and leaves should attract butterflies, so, do you think it will be a new fashion trend that butterfly-shaped products will be hot in this spring and summer? I think so, I want to have one pair to match my spring fashion cloth, and do you have one or more?

    Do not hesitate to buy one, though it is just a little pendant, mini size will contribute much to your fashion style, believe it will be a product worth to collect. Keep one butterfly and it will take you to fly in a high blue sky.

  • Tiffany Gold Charm Celebrates the Year of the Rabbit

    Posted on February 21st, 2011 admin 23 comments

    At the beginning of 2011, being affected by twelve Chinese zodiac signs, tiffany releases 18k elegant golden accessories which are full of Chinese culture factors to welcome the new “rabbit” year.

    Twelve Chinese zodiac signs are represented by 12 animals which form a traditional circle. These animals have individual characteristics; the rabbit represents prudence and exquisite. The exclusive designer of Tiffany Paloma Picasso grasps the meek disposition of rabbit and starts a meticulous and stylish design, he used a 18k golden in this elegant pendant which then became an important sign of its worldwide fame for its high quality and  perfect design.

    At the same time, Paloma Picasso designs another 12 signs pendant. All of them show individual character of each animal which is designed as natural as though it were living. Uplift claws, opened feather and bright eyes all are fancy specifics. All these specifics can be found from

    Cranky monkey, restive tiger, arrogant, Wisdom horse, enthusiastic dragon, resolute cows, perceptual snake, firm sheep, loyal dog, have patience of pig, and stubborn rats. This group new design has deep meanings and presents the nature character of human and adds interesting for common life.

    Besides, Tiffany creates a series of elegant pendant based on Chinese red packet. In china, friends always send red packet to each other in gathering s or spring festival to show their wishes. These pendants are covered with red enamel and implied meaning for lucky and healthiness.

    Tiffany also releases another oval pendant and ring form bracelet to match its golden accessories. Each artwork of tiffany is packed by Tiffany Blue Box which represents a tradition that remembering every unforgettable moment.