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  • Rare Pieces of Big Diamonds in the World

    Posted on April 2nd, 2011 admin No comments

    Natural History Museum in London displays a piece of rare 110 carats gold diamond The Cora Sun-Drop. Museum staff said, this yellow super diamond is one of the most amazing diamonds in the world, known as the “price of priceless treasure”, there is l no one dares to buy.

    British media reports that the diamond is leased by the famous American International Diamond Manufacturers Cora Company to the museum for exhibition, and it will be placed in the museum, “Treasure Zone” is limited to display. From the photos point of view, the diamond is almost the size of the thumb and female models, rounded pear shape plus the rare golden color; it is the most Kola stone typical of the setting sun.

    According to industry insiders’ introduction, stones over 100 carats of diamonds are very rare and golden colors of diamonds among the carbon structure of the nitrogen content is very low, so, being full of color, the diamond is extremely rare. Treasure Museum of Natural History in London area is used for the displaying of rare gems, crystals, metals and meteorites and the establishment of the exhibition, many rare treasures is on display here.

    Treasures exhibition area in the “name of Stone” includes Devonshire grandmother rock, the Devonshire Emerald, 296 pieces of natural color diamond pyramid consisting of the Aurora Pyramid of Hope, the legendary curse of the Heron-Allen “s cursed amethyst and Eduardo the Nakhla.

    A few years ago, a piece of bright yellow diamond weight of 100 carats of was unveiled in London. At that time, experts estimated that the called “Diamond Dreams” rare diamond price was up to about $ 21,000,000. The discovery of diamonds in South Africa was 190.72 carats before dealt with. Identified by the Gemological Institute of America, “Diamond Dreams”  was a natural formation

    Most diamonds are transparent, but if there are different diamond-formation heats and pressures, and then mixed with other minerals, they will form a rare colored diamonds. Pink, blue, purple, yellow, green and red diamonds are existing in the world. Currently, the world’s most famous and valuable yellow diamond weighing 287.42 carats is of the Tiffany brand.