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  • Brides Must Know: 5 Shapes Faces Match Different Jewelry

    Posted on February 16th, 2011 admin 3 comments

    Every bride used had a beautiful dream, an ideal bottom drawer, some pieces of jewelry, and taking her Mr. Right arm to arm to go onto red carpet!

    In a wedding, what makes bride graceful is not only bridal veil or formal attire but also a beautiful jewelry which matches bride perfectly.

    Round face

    a. Mini-type long eardrop should be choose, streamline is the best. Or a downward contractive outspread geometry structure pendant. It can lengthening your face shape and also can show an outline feeling.

    b. A piece of long soft necklace should be wear and makes it drooping a U or V naturally, it also can take an same effect with previous one.


    Brides who have Round faces and shot necks should not wear big round earrings.

    Square face

    a. Oval and Pear Shape eardrops or beads string eardrops and long thick line-like necklace accessories all are possible to choose to adding a mellow feeling.

    b. Some shaped form and lively flower or bird brooches are perfect, they can supply lovely and active feeling and can move others’ views.


    Sharp edges geometry structure jewelry is not fit square faces.

    Rectangular face

    a.  Big round earrings or short extend geometry structure patterns earrings can create a feeling that your face becomes wider than before.

    b.  Mezzo necklaces can take a balance effect.


    Down-toward drop accessories are not good for rectangular faces.

    Oval-shaped face

    Generally, this face shape is fit every style jewelry, Rectangular accessory can add an individuality feeling, oval-shaped accessory can supply a mellow feeling, small long earrings can show your gentle disposition.

    Triangle face

    a.  Apiece of long diamond hairpin attaches on one side of your hair to remedy your narrow forehead, or one piece of U necklace can be used to supply a mellow feeling.

    2)For pointing triangle faces,  tear shape or  pyriform earrings can weaken the feeling of your narrow forehead and plims your forehead