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  • Tiffany Keys Series Lights Up Your Every Special Day

    Posted on February 22nd, 2011 admin 54 comments

    From colorful diamond products to special design silver souvenir, Tiffany & Co. lights the glory of the brand in special days. Each present is patched in a tiffany blue box which is called the mark of its high quality and exquisite designs which can guarantee every special day is fine.

    The inspiration of Tiffany keys series is from the keys which is stored in the Collection of Tiffany Company. Every key is unique design treasure; also they are a represent for fashion style accessories. Deep history feeling and top quality are shown easily. 18k golden pendant is hang in a round or oval, also there is a rose silver one, diamond one and silver one. Each style of this series has elegant interesting. Then there are another three luxury keys are supplied for you, they include a 18k platinum diamond enamel key, a check pattern blue enamel key and a octagon blue and green enamel key. No matter you wear them individually or overlap, Tiffany keys can show their origin romantic and fashion factors.

    Return to Tiffany series is a symbol for the lasting classical of Tiffany. Those words that printed on the 18 k platinum, golden or rose silver diamond bracelet or accessories keep reminding customers that the classical accessories can be found in Tiffany.

    Lucida series can be treated as a masterpiece of modern fashion design. The famous cutting technique works with dual-class ring, a fresh and perceptual arc design can promote the reflection ability of diamond.

    Rocket Ship series shows the history lineage of American silver jewelry designer’s intellective tradition, and then the silver snowman with blue enamel scarf will remind you of the interesting games in our childhood.