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  • Sannon Design in Jewlery GiveS U a Fresh Feeling

    Posted on January 18th, 2011 admin No comments

    I pick out the graceful and sole jewelry through all of the KKPM designs; a most famous designer Shannon used left a short piece explanation of the method to buy massive pearls in an early time.

    I have visited her designs websites and I am surprised with her plenty beautiful pieces she used to make and sell. Several of them are in gathering which take traditional methods. However she connects all different materials by a very ancient but modern way.

    All of these pieces are really a kind of art of fashion.

    Sannon and her husband began to their design work in the Sacramento many years ago but their work in similar pieces you can find high quality competitive good shops or modern journals in a most important bit cities.

    These is no wonders that she has got many heavy pressures in the past years and has been mentioned in many international fashion mediums and some other important website or magazines. The website which belongs to her is full of the rare pieces of her design jewelries, from any accessories including bracelets and earrings.

    I have great favorite in one of her picture named “pop up” which is a kind of jewelry, you can move your mouse to click, if you want to get more information about her design and her websites, you can magnify their pictures and learn more, and then you will have a better knowledge of these jewelry.

    Also Sannon is a very overworked woman, she owns a leading website to spread her design jewelry, in the same time she has a design blog which she used to write and publish there. Then, if you are really want to learn more about her design and her products, you can pick up them.