Love never fades
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  • Swarovski leads U to This Valentine’s Day

    Posted on February 12th, 2011 admin 17 comments

    How do you plan the coming Valentine’s Day? Have you prepare a special present for your sweetheart?

    Being dreamlike and romantic, Swarovski imitation crystal can be a precious gift which will pass on your love. Series jewelries for Valentine’s Day are designed in various styles and core theme is love. Classical and attractive marks and patterns are catching up with the fashion factors in color and shape. In addition to this, some accessories and statues are delivered.

    Do you have eyes only for colorful and active artworks? Distinguished design, heart-shape is cut in particular skill and releases another fashion fascination. Two sizes love-heart features irregular lines and hollow out design in amaranth, vender and light pink colors. Then, the dazzling Nectar pendants design to be shape like small heart.

     Monotone Nostalgia heart-shape pendant is embellished by fake crystal, photos and message can be put in it when you open the pendant. Breathtaking Nation pendant is inlayed by three heart-shape crystal patterns, one side of the pendant is decorated by transparent fake crystal, and the other side is black fake crystal. It will be very convenient when you match clothing.

    Heart shape is the key of these serious accessories, slender key chain also can be a good choice for you in this Valentine’s Day.

    Being likable and pretty, Erika and Eliot mobile phone accessories is adorned by crystal pearls, black or red ethane resin instills modern enchantment into the artwork. Being in same red color, ladybird will release peach skin velvet Alcatraz which incorporates with fashion ethane resin in perfection. It is a elegant present to represent your love.

    Being irresistibly two little bear accessories are also beautiful, they will lead you to express your heart feeling successfully.

    These series of Valentine’s Day will show their core value and keep pursuing perfection.