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  • Seeking Unique Wedding Jewelry for You

    Posted on March 31st, 2011 admin No comments

    Being more beautiful, more elegant, more fashion in wedding, you always want to leave a most valuable memory in the most important moment, wedding now should be creative, so specifics is a necessary point in selecting a jewelry.

    Diamond leads the Vintage style in fashion is spreading, Medieval and the 1920s popular ring style accepted stylist improvements to the popular stage again, enchase pear-shaped and square, heart-shaped relatively flat gem ring appeared in the bride’s hands; and medieval luxuriant was made by big drill and the stones surrounded Lord Jewelry and broken color surrounded reflected drill.

    Touch the soft nature. Many famous jewelry brand design’s inspiration comes from nature, most are fountains, drips, flowers, leaves, butterfly, etc, has become the continuous grow habit, and at the same time it keeps a not-sexy taste.

    In addition, married necklace in the “walking too bigger is exaggerated the popular trend “, big, exaggerated necklace has been more and more loved, brides tide is impressive.

    Swaying tassels also is beloved, from the beginning of this year, long pendant earrings, began popularity in the fashion circle. The most elegant tassel eardrop sways unmatched.

    Tassel feature is long; pendants can be diamond, jewelry, also can be the crystal even imitated crystal, anyhow, the longer the shining is more popular.

    Malposed adornment is popular in head jewelry. The most popular head accessory is Diamond Head wear, the gorgeous diamond tiara diamond necklace in head, unripe brightness, once appears, it catches people’s eyes. Of course, in addition to diamond beyond, crystal, imitation diamond can achieve the same effect; the key depend on your “dislocation” consciousness of jewelry wearing.

    Wedding jewelry always demand high quality and elegance, as a bride, before you select jewelry, a general concept should be formed, or you may waste money to buy a ugly one, all these accessories are supplies in many stores, you should be carefully.